How Can I Redo My White Vintage Cast Iron Kitchen Sink

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  • Kathleen A Hardison Kathleen A Hardison on Nov 19, 2017
    Do you want to use it? The same people that respray tubs and tile will respray sinks. This is done all the time and they come out looking new. Get a reputable company. People redo old claw foot tubs all the time, not just regular tubs, also tile and sinks so they don't need to do a total Reno. I had a fridge done (slightly different process-it was almond and I needed white, but it looked brand new and no one ever guessed it looked terrific and lasted 20 years...until I sold my house and it was still looking great. If you want to repurpose it instead, you could turn it into a laundry room sink, incorporate it into a potting shed, would be great in a could even hook a hose up to it for water in potting shed with 5 gallon bucket beneath to catch overflow, then recycle that water for your plants. It would make a great planter in a country garden, or you could clean it up nice and build a kitchen island outside by your grill. Include the sink, BBQ, a mini fridge and youre set to party!