Updating 50's kitchen with new countertop?

I will be moving into my new home soon.. I need to fix this kitchen up as simply as possible.. I plan on painting the white and burgundy tiles to make them all white, and painting the walls the same shade of white. I also plan on painting the cabinets, i'm hoping for grey on the bottom and white on top. I posted photos of the kitchen previously and had many wonderful suggestions, but this is my final run before I dig into it. I need to replace the counter and sink, but my budget is only $100-$200 max.. (Current counter is ceramic hexagon style tiles with the rectangle burgundy tile surrounding.. Sink is old, but not in the worst shape..) What do you suggest for counters/sink? DIY counters? Looking for something remotely simple that will make it look somewhat modern. Many suggested embracing the 50's which I am not completely opposed to but i'd like it to be "modern/retro" if anything. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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