How can I change my 1950's Formica countertop without replacing it?

by Sheila

I have an old kitchen with an ugly yellow Formica countertop. It's not in the budget for a new, any ideas to change the look would really be appreciated.

Thank you, Sheila Miller

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  • Tricia Tricia on Aug 26, 2018

    Sand with 150 grit paper, paint over it either making a marbled finish or granite or just plain color then epoxy the top after it dries. Go to Pinterest and look for countertops that have been epoxied. You should remove the sink to do it. This is far less expensive then buying the kits at big box stores

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Aug 26, 2018

    Sheila, You can purchase a kit to roll on a new top. Check with Home Depot or Lowe's paint department. They have a variety of colors. Aloha!

  • Lynda Aymar Lynda Aymar on Aug 27, 2018

    I just used Daichle StoneCoat countertop kit. It was awesome. Easy, clean to use. No talent required (believe me...I HAVE none to give). It turned my boring mid-gray countertops into textured, stone-like ones. I can't praise this stuff enough. It can be ordered on Home, but is not in their stores.

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    • Lynda Aymar Lynda Aymar on Aug 28, 2018

      There is no epoxy in that product.

  • Ivy Ivy on Aug 27, 2018

    Wondering about food safety and epoxy? How do you manage your surfaces? Even if you use a cutting board I would think it may pull off bits of paint?


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    • Lynda Aymar Lynda Aymar on Aug 28, 2018

      There is no epoxy in the product I mentioned.

  • Lynda Aymar Lynda Aymar on Aug 27, 2018

    No fumes at all. I did not remove my sink, and did it by myself. One kit...cost $125.00

  • Sandy Grimes Sandy Grimes on Aug 27, 2018

    Epoxy resin does wonders.

  • Beth McDrummond Holley Beth McDrummond Holley on Aug 28, 2018

    We used Henrys Feather Finish to go over our 1950's countertop. Now we have cement tops and I love them! We have had them a year now and they are still great. We stained ours a dark grey so they look almost like slate.

  • Heje Heje on Dec 19, 2018

    Rustoleum and Gianna have kits that can be used to paint counter tops into a different color.

  • Sally Sally on Dec 20, 2018

    High quality contact paper, a scraper and lots of patience. Did mine a year ago and still looking good. Resists water, oil etc and if a piece does get damaged it's a doddle to replace.

  • Deb K Deb K on Feb 06, 2023

    Hi Sheila, you can paint them, I painted mine and they lasted a good 12 yrs until I could afford new ones. Here's how I did it, hope this helps you out.

    Lightly sand to rough the countertop up.

    Go to your paint store, tell them what you are painting, they will pick the proper paint and primer for you, you can even get the primer tinted for a better coverage.

    Once you have sanded, clean with TSP, then rinse and dry thoroughly,

    Apply your primer coat, let it dry according to the instructions.

    Once the primer coat is dry, apply your paint coat, I would apply 2 or 3 as it will be stronger and thicker

    Once your coats dry, you can apply a matte clear coat, either by spray or roll on, keep a small container of it under your sink for touch ups, (I never touched up) I had my counters like this for 12 years, until I could afford new ones.

    I used a few uncolored glass cutting boards for protection from hot frying pans and pots. It held up very well. And only costs you the prices of the materials.

    Good luck!

  • Paint it. You can buy a kit made just for countertops.

  • Mogie Mogie on Feb 06, 2024

    You could always skim coat it with cement you’ll use a trowel to apply a thin but consistent layer of the concrete over every inch of your sanded laminate, and then let that dry.