My garbage disposal needs to be replaced. I would appreciate any recommendations, tips or advice.

Terri F
by Terri F
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  • There are several sizes of disposals manufactured these days. Prices range from around $125 up to $500. Like with any other product the more you spend the more quality (most times) and options you have. Depending upon the amount of use that you have, as well as space under the sink that will be the determining factor in what you choose. A few of the higher end units reverse their direction each time you start it. This prevents binding of the blades. The higher end units also are more powerful allowing for easier grinding for those more difficult uses. The last thing that comes with the more expensive units is noise. The higher end units are heavier. They resist vibration which translates into noise. The real high end units can hardly be heard. while the low end units sound like a freight train moving in the house. The next thing you need to consider is how does the unit turn on? There are units that use a switch on the wall, or under the cabinet. Then there are those who use a switch that is turned on by putting a handle in the opening and turning and lastly there are those that use both. Homes with small children should consider at least the type that requires that a cover be inserted in the opening to turn on. This prevents little hands from reaching in if the unit is running. But if your in a home with no little children or adults then you can go without that type. Any of the brands that Home Depot sells or Lowe's is fine. They sell pretty much the standards in the industry. There are other brands available that are sold out of plumbing stores, but they tend to be a bit more expensive and really do not offer anything else then what you can get at the big box stores. They all install the same. So you should not have to change the flange on the sink, unless you purchase the type with the turn off switch cover as that requires a different type of install. The wiring is the same as well. However I always suggest a outlet and plug type of install instead of a direct wire type. Simply for safety and ease of repair should it become necessary. Just be sure that the wire runs up higher then the connection point in the disposal to where the plug is located and or where the wire comes out of the wall.
  • Plumber26 Plumber26 on May 09, 2012
    Personally, I like the Insinkerator 'Evolution' series disposals. They are a little pricey but do the job quieter, better, and have a better warranty than the lesser models. The price of these start @ $225 for the 'Compact' and go up from there. Good luck!
  • Terri F Terri F on May 09, 2012
    Thank you both! I really appreciate the help. I had no idea they were so pricey! The current leaking unit is an Insinkerator. I am thinking if I stick with this brand the installation will be easier or does that matter?
  • Really does not matter. Most brands use the same mount under the sink, and the wiring is pretty much the same as well. Only size of unit makes the difference in the install. Higher end units are bigger and tend to take up more room so adjustments to plumbing drain will be required. But not that difficult to do. If the unit you currently have still works with exception of leak, where is the leak coming from? Normally leaks on these units are the connection points which can be fixed fairly easily. I really never heard of the unit itself leaking.
    • Chuck R. Nordstrom Chuck R. Nordstrom on Aug 22, 2019

      Garbage disposals of all kinds get cracks in them and like. I did stop one time with some of that flex spray stuff. It did work but only about 6 months. I would try the tape if not JB weld will work but eventually you will need to replace it because it will get more stress fractures on the side not bad on the bottom its pretty much shot.

  • Plumber26 Plumber26 on May 09, 2012
    yeah, Woodbridge.... they will eventually rust out
  • Terri F Terri F on May 10, 2012
    Water flows out the bottom of the unit. It appears to have rusted out. At the suggestion of my daughter-in-law we sprayed it with Flex Seal, which I had never heard of. Seems to be a temporary fix. This morning we tried it and only one spot was leaking. We are going to try another coat and hope that this will work temporarily until we get a new one.
  • Do not waste your time. If water is going out of bottom, this means that water is flowing into the motor area that should not be getting wet. This risks a electrical hazard to you. Turn off the unit, and if you can unplug it for safety. Better safe then sorry.
  • Terri F Terri F on May 11, 2012
    Oh dear. I did not know that. That probably explains why it won't turn on now. Darn. Thank you!
  • Plumber26 Plumber26 on May 11, 2012
    LOL...... have you tried using that stuff (Flex Seal) on those annoying boat hull repairs?
  • Terri F Terri F on Jul 25, 2012
    Yes, that is exactly what we used. We have temporarily repaired it with Flex Seal!
  • McKennon Farell McKennon Farell on Mar 05, 2015
    There are a few rubbish removal systems in the market that you can choose from. However, always go for quality as opposed to prices. Some people settle for the least and simply get the cheapest one yet in the market. Nevertheless, cheap prices do not necessarily mean good quality. Hope you get to solve your disposal problem at the soonest.
  • Fred Fred on Jun 21, 2017

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