Can I use joint compound to achieve a German smear on my fireplace wal

by Susan
Brick wall is 8x16 With a hearth. I want to give the brick the aged look of German smear but I don't want to use mortar. I was thinking I could apply joint compound as it is easy to work with And very forgiving. (I did a textured plaster wall in my bathroom using JC)

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  • Amanda Amanda on Sep 20, 2017

    You sure can. Here is a hometalk link.

    • Susan Susan on Sep 20, 2017

      I saw that site and many many others as I spent hours researching this project.

      she used faux brick. I did see that several asked about using JC on interior real brick and mortar was suggested. If there isn't any contact with the wall on a daily basis and the fireplace is not used, it seems like joint compound could be used. Might be possible to seal it with something or I could try the paint wash.

    • Susan Susan on Sep 24, 2017

      thanks Janet. I saw that one too but she also uses mortar. My question was about using joint compound and if that would be feasible.

  • Susan Susan on Sep 23, 2017

    thank you Janet. I did see her video when I was researching the topic but she also uses mortar. In the videos I've watched, I've noticed that if you happened to put on too much mortar, removing the excess especially when dry is not what I have in mind. I don't want to scrape. Looking for a way to have more control without using paint products

  • Col2808198 Col2808198 on May 07, 2018