What is the best way to update a 1970's stone fireplace?

Shawn Dubler
by Shawn Dubler
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  • 17335038 17335038 on Aug 23, 2018

    Please post a picture of your fireplace. Without seeing its dimensions, and what particular '1970's features' are on the fireplace, it is difficult to offer reasonable suggestions as to how it might be brought into this millennium.

  • Shawn Dubler Shawn Dubler on Aug 23, 2018

    Here is a pic.

    comment photo
  • Lja23984216 Lja23984216 on Aug 23, 2018

    Wow, that is a lot of rock. How handy are you? I would be tempted to remove a large section of the rock on both sides and replace it with shelves. If this is not an option, I would put fake cabinet doors over the two large ends of rock. Take it all the way to the ceiling and paint it to match your walls.

  • Shawn Dubler Shawn Dubler on Aug 24, 2018

    Thanks so much!