What to do about this monster in the room.

House is 100 years old and I want to honor it but the brick is so ugly. Same brick as exterior. The brick is not smooth but very textured. Paint is out of the question.
q what to do about this monster in the room
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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on May 09, 2018
    You should be able to paint the brick. Go to your local home improvement store and they will be able to help you find the supplies you would need to clean, prep and paint it.

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on May 09, 2018
    Hi Pat,
    If it's 100 years old, it might just need a deep cleaning to look better. It certainly has a unique look. :) There are several methods in the article below, starting with the easiest cleaner for light clean and moving through several more methods until the one for the deepest cleaning. I know you said that paint is out, however have you thought of white washing it? White wash is either made with lime or you can dilute paint and use just enough to brighten it up. I did that with ours because I don't like the look of painted brick but the white wash maintained the color - it just lightened it up and we are happy with the look. Wishing you the best.

  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on May 09, 2018
    You can paint it - texture has nothing to do with painting it. I used chalk paint on mine and just dapped it with a stiff brush.

  • Ken Ken on May 09, 2018
    I'm seeing drab in the picture. No color. Maybe providing some brightly colored accents will cause you to love your fireplace again. Another thought is a wooden mantle and fascia to cover most of the brick. A well-designed facing with different moldings to add some dimension to the front would go a long way to change the feel of the room. Small amount of damage to the brick in the way of a few small holes to anchor the mantle. Pinterest has some great ideas.

  • Donette Donette on May 09, 2018
    I actually love the shape of your fireplace! I agree that the brick would be beautiful whitewashed! I would then use a black spray paint (made for heat) on the brass insert. This would make your fireplace more of a centerpiece in the room, and make it look totally updated with little cost. Good luck- with whatever you decid.

  • Mindshift Mindshift on May 09, 2018
    Brick should not be painted because it needs to breath. You can change the color of brick using a product called Dyebrick . Their product is permanent, non-toxic, and goes on with a paintbrush. https://www.dyebrick.com/ In addition to 10 colors that can be mixed to produce custom colors, Dyebrick offers Limelike which lightens brick. You can even change the mortar color. The only problem is the company is located in England. They do, however, ship to Canada and the US.