What to do with a painted fireplace surround

My home was built in the 1970s. Someone painted the fireplace wall which is brick about 8'x10' white. I am not a fan of the cottage look. I'm more of a rustic equine, ranchhouse kinda gal. What can I do to make it more rustic looking and get rid of the white paintll

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Feb 03, 2018
    you will have to strip the paint first, use a non toxic remover...Citristrip,then decide on repainting or staining it

  • Sharon Sharon on Feb 03, 2018
    LOL rustic horse..... I like that. I would first take a stiff wire brush to it, if that doesn't remove enough paint for you, I am afraid it going to be paint stripper and a wire brush.

  • Bijous Bijous on Feb 03, 2018
    Try a paint remover gel. Try a small spot for 15 minutes or longer. If that works, do in small patches.
    Try acid wash. You can do it or have it professionally done.
    If all else fails, paint it a color more conducive to your style.
    Good luck.

  • V Smith V Smith on Feb 03, 2018
    If you don't want the mess of removing the paint consider covering the brick with furring strips and drywall. You would need to leave the bricks around the fire box uncovered or cover them with tiles. When I did this to mine I took a picture of the furring strips in place so I would know where my nailing was once the drywall was in place and painted. Because I was trying to preserve the bricks I didn't bother with even spacing of the furring strips. Go ahead and hang your farmhouse decor.

  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown Holly Kinchlea-Brown on Feb 03, 2018
    REpaint it using a two tone paint effect...tan and grey or tan/red to get a more rustic feel....hometalk has some different paint techniques you could look at

  • Jerre Miller Jerre Miller on Feb 03, 2018
    Thanks for the idea.

  • Jerre Miller Jerre Miller on Feb 04, 2018
    Thanks for the idea Holly Brown.

  • Jerre Miller Jerre Miller on Feb 04, 2018
    Thanks for the idea.