How do I arrange furniture in my living room?


We are moving into a new house with a lovely French window that is centred right in the middle of the opening to the patio. How do I arrange my chairs around this or what's the best design .

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  • Flipturn Flipturn on Oct 31, 2018

    A picture or two would help us to see and understand the proportions of the space.

    A good starting point in determine on how to place furniture in any room is to decide how you are going to be using the space most often. Remember, do not feel obliged to set up furniture in any traditional way, or in the same way that the house was set up for the sale. For example, the room that may have been called a dining room does not necessarily have to have a dining room table and chair set. Maybe the space would work better for you having it set up as a TV, computer, or crafts room.....

    • Kampire Kampire on Nov 02, 2018

      Great tip thanks. I am already working on the rather small dining room space to convert it into something else. Failed to upload the photo unfortunately !

  • AmAtHome AmAtHome on Oct 31, 2018


    Congratulations on your new home! If you're using existing furniture try it out a few different ways and see what feels best for you. A picture would help give more specific ideas. This link shows a bunch of images that might give you some ideas:

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Oct 31, 2018

    Hi Kampire! I don't believe there is a "best" design. I like to make it easy to have conversations, so that it isn't a matter of craning your neck, to see someone. I try to take into account how not to block walkways, or make the flow of the room awkward. You can make some sketches or paper cutouts to lay it out in your mind. What I often realize is that sometimes you need to rearrange to make it work, because what looks good in a diagram (or in my head) doesn't always work the way I think it will. Sometimes sitting there, with the furniture in place, I find that an angle works differently, or the light works with a different position. Don't be afraid to tweak it until you are comfortable and it looks the way you want it to. I pick a focal point, and have learned that sometimes a piece of furniture just doesn't work, and I have to rethink what I thought would.

  • Chris Kugler Chris Kugler on Nov 01, 2018

    Almost no room should have furniture against the walls even in small spaces. So the door should not be a problem. Just leave a walk way and then put your furniture away from the glass.

  • Kampire Kampire on Nov 02, 2018

    Thank you!! Am already finding all these comments uplifting

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Nov 02, 2018

    So often I have seen folks rush out and purchase furniture soon after moving into a new home, only to have regrets later. Even though it is exciting to have new space to redecorate, it is best to take your time and get comfortable in the house first before committing to any permanent furniture arrangement that may prove to be inflexible. It does sometimes takes several tries at playing around with rearrangement and how you use the space to get the fit that is best for your lifestyle and the rhythms of your own household.