Asked on Apr 27, 2016

UPDATED Corner fireplace and furniture layout is driving me crazy!

by Kristen
The 3 new pics at beginning show angled towards fireplace. Thoughts??? Any advice on making this space feel more cozy? Each piece of the sectional is separate and can be moved/removed. Also, I think the middle curtain should be removed, but it's on the chair because the dog keeps looking out of the blinds and messing it up. Suggestions for a ottoman or coffee table?? Here are some other options I've tried..
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  • MN Mom MN Mom on Apr 28, 2016
    My opinion...that is a huge piece of furniture for the space. The room appears to adjoin an eating area or kitchen so I understand the open concept. With a fireplace you typically place furniture flanking or across from the unit but the sectional is so large I don't know how you'd choose another layout without blocking the appearance of that open flow. Unless you decide to just use the movable portions? That's a possibility. It seems like the fireplace isn't your focal point.
  • Cyn Cyn on Apr 28, 2016
    I would take the straight back chairs out and slide the rug so that its long side is parallel to the fireplace. Then put the two sets of armless chairs on either side of the short sides of the rug with side tables between, if you have them. Then last centre the two corner pieces together as a love seat on the other long side of the rug facing the fireplace. This should leave a path around and through the room without blocking any doorways.
    • Kristen Kristen on Apr 28, 2016
      Thanks. Those are our dining chairs I moved temporarily. Should I get two new chairs more fitting for room?
  • Emi Harr Emi Harr on Apr 28, 2016
    I would face the "sofa" (2 corner pieces, 1 center piece) facing the fireplace.... (yes the back would be facing the dining table), then I would place 2 center pieces under the starburst (as a loveseat), you would have 1 center piece left... maybe centered in front of the windows... the other 2 straight backed chairs may have to leave the room. (You can make to scale paper pieces of your furniture, with graph paper, then plot it out before doing any actual moving.)
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    • Kristen Kristen on Apr 28, 2016
      Thanks. This room is driving me crazy. I want to see if I can buy more corner pieces to create another sofa in another room. The dining chairs are there temporarily but was thinking about buying new ones that are more appropriate for the room. Hubby doesn't want a tv in there or else that would be focal point.
  • David Hliva David Hliva on Apr 28, 2016
    My suggestion, is to do what i did in my limited space living room. I closed off the fireplace with a 3 inch extending from the fireplace area. Gave room added square footage, and wall space as well. That's if your willing to go without a fireplace. We never used it, being in the south, so why have it there. Best decision i made ever.
  • Lagree Wyndham Lagree Wyndham on Apr 28, 2016
    I have a small living room with a corner fire place and little wall space. First furniture is to big for room, remove some of the sections and move furniture off wall and face it towards fireplace, leaving a walk way behind sectional and counter, Allowing furniture to float in room makes it feel bigger and more open. If that does not help, it may be time to get some new furniture appropriately sized for room. I only have a couch, chair and matching foot stool as seating. I pull in extra chairs when entertaining small gatherings. Also i would loose the curtains altogether and start replacing woodwork with fluted wood. I have 3 sets of double french-doors a single and several banks of windows with only blinds, the wood is much to nice to cover with curtains. IMO curtains tend to close a room in. You have a great space to work with , high ceilings, high baseboard and great crown molding.
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    • Kristen Kristen on Apr 29, 2016
      @Lagree Wyndham My stepson is obsessed with lights, so he added all the lighting.... I think I'll try the angled and straight across set up and add pics to get opinions.
  • Nikki Nikki on Apr 28, 2016
    I also have a corner fireplace it has made me crazy over the years trying to arrange my furniture around it, I never had many options to change it around for a new look, like I love doing in the past and I missed that but got to the point I just wanted the room to look right and make sense. I used to have a long sofa with a chaise that fit but wasn't the best look for the room. I ended up getting a new sofa, and at this time I still have my leather club chair I had before. eventually I would like to get 2 slimmer chairs to have more seating and it would also look better I think, but the only way the room ever looked right was to have my sofa's facing the fireplace with the backs facing my kitchen area, Have you tried this? I know you have a large sofa but if you maybe pushed it a little closer facing the fireplace giving you a path around the room. it may give you a smaller area but it may give you a cozier look? I would take the armless chairs out and arrange your sofa first and then see if you can fit them in. I sometimes have to clear everything out of my view until I get a clearer vision =)
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    • Nikki Nikki on May 01, 2016
      @Kristen Yes I would definitely put the buffet back on that wall under the mirror I really liked it there =)
  • William William on Apr 28, 2016
    Paint the fireplace a darker shade of paint than the room ( it's a focal point). Paint the post left of the window the same shade and if there is one across from it paint that too. Move the sectional so it faces the fireplace. Buy or build a sofa table and put it behind the sofa. Take the two chairs and place the across from the sofa with the floor lamp between them. Center the rug between the sofa and the chairs. This would define the room. Remove the center curtain and use tiebacks on the two side ones. Raise the mirror so it's centered in line with the picture over the fireplace ( this adds symmetry to the room). Now all you need is a cocktail table that will fit the space.
    • Kristen Kristen on Apr 28, 2016
      Great ideas. I live sofa table idea. I'm removing pic above fireplace and need to decorate that area as well. Definitely agree with removing center curtain and raising mirror.
  • Pat Pat on Apr 28, 2016
    I like Niki's suggestion about your sofa. Have back of sofa facing kitchen end in front of the window...... Also regarding your curtains.....very nice but I would take out the center panel and just have the two side panels. I know kitty will mess up your blinds but if you move the chair away from the window, it should not be a problem. When you have your sofa moved, you will find a place for the chairs with table, in the room, I am sure.....maybe under the sunburst mirror.
    • Kristen Kristen on Apr 28, 2016
      I want to get two new chairs for this room because those are really belong to my dining table I just move them temporarily out of the way because we had to move the dog kennel inside and that was the only way it could fit. I'm not sure what type of fabric I should get for new chairs if it should be leather or fabric or what b
  • Porland1624 Porland1624 on Apr 28, 2016
    Firth the room is to dark paint one wall of your preferent color and the another ones in white, separe the sofa in 2 pieces change the rug for more color and the coutains too
    • Kristen Kristen on Apr 28, 2016
      I hate the paint color but if I do that room I have to do about 70% of the house as well. Gotta save up for that project but was thinking cream or light gray
  • Jean Myles Jean Myles on Apr 28, 2016
    How about a large square black ottoman used as a coffee table. you could use a bright coloured tray on the ottoman Use the middle curtain on the window on the far side of the room. Tie it to the left with a tie back, same colour as the curtain. Not the trim colour as that would appear to cut the curtain in half. I think the picture over the fireplace is too small. I think you could move the starburst mirror over the fireplace. When you decide how you are going to arrange the furniture then get a large piece of art for the other wall where the starburst mirror was. Hope this helps. Pls share pictures when your done change thing up.
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    • Kristen Kristen on Apr 30, 2016
      @Jean Myles Thanks!!!!! I've been searching Pinterest and HOUZZ for hours and most rooms with a corner fireplace don't open up to the kitchen like mine does, so it's hard to find something that works.
  • David Hliva David Hliva on Apr 28, 2016
    Way to hot. Every summer, which here runs through october. In the dead of summer most of the time is at 100 degrees or more, with high humidity. Glad you like my idea. :-)
  • Porland1624 Porland1624 on Apr 28, 2016
    Kristen you don' t have to change everything only put some color
  • Vsandoval Vsandoval on Apr 28, 2016
    Have you tried laying rug at same angle as fireplace instead of fighting it? Take 1 end of sectional with 2 middle pieces and mirror that on other side so they face each other then place a ottoman/coffee table in center.
    • Kristen Kristen on Apr 29, 2016
      @Vsandoval Did that today and I think I like it. Need to still move the side pieces, but it may be growing on me.. I put one chair under the sunburst mirror but it was after I took pic.
  • Cg Witherell Cg Witherell on Apr 28, 2016
    I guess I'll throw my 2 cents in! You do have quite a challenge, but here is another idea. Please note that I have no idea if it would work. The pictures are helpful, but I have no sizes or dimensions. I would angle the seating in line with the fireplace, (on each side with more separation or fewer pieces) as well as the rug, opening it up toward the kitchen. I do like your first photo, but would put an arm-less piece next to the fireplace and move it all the way to the end of the wall.
  • Mary Mary on Apr 28, 2016
    Do you want the sofa to face the fireplace?
    • Kristen Kristen on Apr 28, 2016
      I'm open to any ideas that will make the room feel cozy and comfortable
  • Mary Mary on Apr 28, 2016
    Do you try the couch by the window with one side facing the fired place or place the carpet with a table in the center facing the fireplace and place the couch around it, play with the couches, separately, if you can make three pcs one big one facing the fire place and the other two in each side, just have fun, also need to decorate the fireplace simple but nice
  • Sus4499217 Sus4499217 on Apr 28, 2016
    This is an idea you can try. Place your rug in angled to the fireplace. Then take 2 of the armless couch sections and place in the center facing the fireplace. Then take 2 couch sections one with arm and next withone and slightly angle those sections beside the center 2 armless sections. The last 2 sections will angle on the other side of armless sections. If you could find or make 2 small wedge type end tables to fit on each side of the 2 armless sections you will start making a comfortable conversation area. I noticed you had a red leather type bar stools so I would bring those colors in the living room with some pillows. Not to many. And maybe a throw or so. For some type of coffee table a glass top type withe the bottom that you will see in a red color.
  • Mickey Baron Mickey Baron on Apr 29, 2016
    Play with that sectional. Moving the end piece over to the corner where the curtains are, adding a small table next to it? You can then, have more space to move the couch further away from the fireplace. It's too close. The 1 strip of curtain DOES look awkward. Cut it in half, hem it & add to the other ends, to make the look fuller. Honestly, the one black stripe will actually blend in nicely.
  • Rita Rita on Apr 29, 2016
    Think outside the box and stop trying to line up the sectional to the walls. The fireplace is your focal point. Arrange your sectional around that, not the walls. Try breaking up the sectional and use two of the single seats as chairs on either side of the fireplace. Add a round coffee table or ottoman to break up all the angles. Have fun!
  • Genie Hillen Genie Hillen on Apr 29, 2016
    Nothing says the sofa has to be on the wall. As said in an earlier post, put the sectional pieces on an angle facing the fireplace. Make it a separate space.
  • Porland1624 Porland1624 on Apr 30, 2016
    Put one piece in the wall a the another rigth a croos and a ottoman in the midle, I can see you like brown but make the room to dark put some color like pillows and the curtain to make the room more a live
    • Kristen Kristen on Apr 30, 2016
      @Porland1624 I am actually not a fan of brown at all... totally want to paint the walls. I want to have all gray, cream and black throughout entire house... So the piece by the window or the wall where the sunburst is located?
  • Colleen Colleen on Apr 30, 2016
    Consider first how you use that space, and what your 'needs' are, based on that information. What elements MUST be present, such as television, reading light, etc. Then measure the space and map it out to scale on graph paper, noting the placement of outlets. Make to scale some paper cut outs of your furniture. This way you can easily play around with placement of all your elements and cease the workout :) Consider first your musts, then later, your wants. A few thoughts. 1. I think the rug is tripping you up. It looks awkward in all your photos. Not saying it won't work in that space, but playing with everything on paper will definitely help with that. 2. Also tripping you up perhaps, is the sheer amount of seating you're considering for that space. Pare it down to the necessities, get them placed, then add back in whatever is left that you feel works with the remaining space. Those individual couch components are nicely sized so you might also be able to get away with putting two of them together as a love seat, to save a little space if needed, or to help them fit around or on the rug. 3. The fireplace is naturally the focal point of the room. That can't be changed so you have to work with it as such. The beige tile would look fantastic painted white. When playing with your placements, keep your seating facing and flanking the fireplace, and experiment with turning the rug so the short end faces the fireplace. A fairly large rectangular piece of bold abstract art above the mantel would look great there, suiting your modern decor and draw the eye up, away from the fireplace itself, while the whole thing remains the focal point. Stay away from cluttering up the mantel or the wall above it with lots of small items. 4. Is there an ottoman that goes with the seating? If so, it might serve as a coffee table with a tray placed on it. A narrow console table could work behind the sofa if there is room. 5. I'm guessing you must have a fourth curtain panel? If so, put it on the rod to balance things out. Hopefully you can start to do away with the frustration this is causing you :) Be sure to post pictures of the after.
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    • Colleen Colleen on Apr 30, 2016
      @Kristen The rug may very well not work in that space, but again, I think playing with options on paper should help you determine that. It might also help to temporarily remove it from the equation altogether, to simplify the process and help you focus on furniture placement. It's a gorgeous rug! Hopefully you can make it work eventually.
  • Nikki Nikki on May 04, 2016
    @kristen I really like the newest pic you added. I think taking 2 of the single sections and adding a chair on each side off the fireplace/sofa would look great or if space allows you could have them on each side of the fireplace facing the sofa for conversations seating and to also give you a path to walk through easily, and maybe use your black media cabinet behind your sofa as a sofa table. and then just raise the starburst mirror a little higher with the media cabinet no longer being there. and I do think you will have a very cute, functional and cozy living space that fits perfectly and make sense in your room. =) I think that is a great look for that space!!!
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    • Kristen Kristen on May 05, 2016
      @Nikki oh I totally feel your pain about the wallpaper!! That is not easy to remove and then if there is no texture underneath, that's another project in itself!!!! I moved one chair to make a smaller scale sectional so we'll see if that works. I keep looking at the space knowing that Ih ave to move more stuff, but I am just not feeling it. Of course if I won the lottery, I'd move into a new house that had NO CORNER FIREPLACE. LOL!!!! I'd just donate the entire house and furnishings to someone. hee hee
  • IFortuna IFortuna on Aug 12, 2016
    First of all, I think you are playing it too safe. You need some color. I would lose the black and white rug and find a multi color rug. I would do the couch in an "L" and make the fireplace the focal. On the wall, under the mirror I would put a long low table or buffet or sofa table. Add some colorful silk or real flowers and some personality (i.e. knick knacks). The walls are a nice taupe. All you need to do is have a color theme to compliment them. I would go with whatever colors you draw from the multi color rug you plan to purchase. Pillows, flowers, colorful planters, etc. My suggestion for a rug: or These rugs give so much flexibility when choosing accessories. Just pull a color you like from the colors on the rug and accent from there. Your room will look so much more inviting and warm in character. More interesting. You will get tons of compliments I predict. : ) My two cents !
    • Kristen Kristen on Aug 12, 2016
      Thanks! I like the idea of having the fireplace as the focal point, but I feel like the walkway between the bar stools and back of sofa is too tight. I'm about to lose the buffet in a few days so I'll need to put something there. I'm totally drawn to all neutrals, so I don't know if I can incorporate any color. This is the style I really really like...
  • IFortuna IFortuna on Aug 13, 2016
    Yes, this looks very classy. Did you notice how dark the walls and floor are? The rug is a solid. This is drama due to the high contrast. The curtains, sconces, artwork and bookshelves break up the starkness and add personality. The room indicates to me, the personality of someone highly intellectual, somewhat wealthy, good taste, and semi-formal living. This room looks like a library or reading room of the house. This is the first room your guests see when they come in the door. You want to have the "wow" factor. The sofa, the rug and the large mantle are white. Everything else is an accessory. If you want to achieve this then a more powerful mantle is needed (it is the focal point), a white or off white rug, darken the walls (a dark dark brown) and a glass tabletop table, your sofas placed as in the picture. And, some bookcases? Or, something large and dramatic on that wall. You can duplicate this room. Is this your lifestyle? Is this your personality? If so, those changes should be made. Decorate according to your lifestyle. This glorifies your personality. Just my opinion. I hope you post pictures of the finished room. I would love to see how you make it yours. : )
  • Carolyn Carolyn on Feb 01, 2017

    What did you finally do? Just saw this post. Me, I'd break it up. Furniture does not have to stay on the rug. You could move some of the pieces to another room(s), too, create reading nooks or conversation areas. I'd turn the two armed pieces into a "love seat" with a small table between the two pieces. That solid wall of backs is sort of shunning the dining area of room. Add a table (glass mostly ) and group some of the unit around it to make conversation area, make it higher than a normal coffee table. Ever notice that restaurants don't group chairs facing fireplaces? Set up arm less reading nooks on both sides of corner fireplace. We've gotten rid of our bigger pieces of living room furniture in favor of more walking or an open space concept. A coffee table was turned into a bench seat, and conversation areas have been formed. PS Furniture doesn't have to line up against the walls. (Smile, you've got this, and you'll move it again when you're ready to do so.)

  • Kristen Kristen on Feb 01, 2017

    LOL - please don't judge about the Christmas decorations still being up - I figured it's better to have something there than nothing (hubby even offered to take them down weeks ago, but I said not yet...)... I need artwork to put up there (and the lanterns that are on the floor will go on the mantle when I get around to it). Still want a cabinet under the mirror and then make a gallery wall up there instead.

  • Loretta Loretta on Feb 02, 2017

    I didn't see you trying the placement in the pic you said was your style inspiration . . The two couches both perpendicular to the fireplace?? I really like the wall with the buffet, I am sorry you said you are losing it. I thought it really added style to the room. With the two couches perpendicular to the fireplace you can still put a cabinet under the mirror and dress up that wall. Try that and post a pic so we can see. Definitely just lose the middle curtain. Sometimes we have to make allowances for the animals who share our ho es and hearts :))

    • Kristen Kristen on Feb 02, 2017

      Middle curtain is gone. Yay! We only have two end pieces to the sectional so not sure how to make two separate pieces where it looks ok. I'm on the lookout for similar buffet to fill the space.

  • Loretta Loretta on Feb 02, 2017

    Geez, I used the wrong word!! I meant parallel to the fireplace, following the line of it like they did in your inspiration pic. Hope that helpsaved!

  • Carolyn Carolyn on Feb 02, 2017

    Shoot, redecorate the tree for spring. Add birds, flowers, shells, a boating, Valentine, Easter, etc. 4th of July, baby shower, wedding. I've a small ceramic one I leave up year round. Hubby's doctors office just did a switch to valentines.

  • Loretta Loretta on Feb 02, 2017

    In your inspiration pic, one side is a sofa and the other side is actually two chairs? Not another sofa. Look carefully at the pick. I say just divide the pieces into two approximately equal lengths, and if one side is smaller and shorter or the pieces work better as two separate pieces, do that and put a very small table between them. Worth trying anyway. Obviously the furniture was not bought for that particular room, but I think you can make it work. Hope so anyway. Give it a try take a pic and post. Can't hurt anyway.

  • Loretta Loretta on Feb 02, 2017

    Put your end pieces on the side away from the fireplace, that will look better. Don't worry that the other ends don't have end pieces. You can only do so much with what you have.

  • Loretta Loretta on Feb 03, 2017

    I think I counted six pieces total, correct? One end piece on each side, the side towards the kitchen and the remaining four pieces , two on each side with the armless sides close to the fireplace. Place like I. The inspiration pic, length wise from the fireplace out, also put the rug at the same angle, in the middle. A smaller glass type coffee table would work well, not add to the picture but mostly let it flow through the glass. Then you can still do the buffet under the mirror . . Keep your eyes open for dressers and such put out for yard sales or moving sales. Or thrift store, great source for up cycling. I really think that is the best way until you are able to purchase furniture meant for this particular space. Your furniture has a little higher profile than what works best in that room, but I still think you can make it work. Soon as possible change out that dark brown carpet, something in a bit cleaner line, meaning any type of flooring other than carpet, should work. Even dark flooring with your rug could work, or a different solid light colored rug. Again I like the rug but think it is a bit loud for the smaller space and the look you are going for. The inspiration look has only loud accent pieces, not a loud area rug. Can make a huge difference, have to remember scale and balance. Does that make sense? My thoughts anyway. Can't wait till you find the right fit :))

    • Kristen Kristen on Feb 03, 2017

      it's hardwood flooring not brown carpet. I purchased the sofa for this room so buying a new one is not an option.

  • Loretta Loretta on Feb 03, 2017

    And like IFortuna said, the inspiration room is essentially bright white and black or very dark brown. Your walls are too light, the rug is wrong and your furniture is cream, not white. Look closely at your inspiration pic and write down all the differences, be very specific. You are dealing more with Browns and creams and have a black and white rug thrown in. Have to change out the flooring and darken the wall, then take the mantel all the way up to the ceiling and paint all trim bright white. But then your furniture would not work without slip covers in bright white. So think about your color palette, and determine what you can do for now. Maybe for now you go with the creams and Browns, roll up the rug and get a more beige or cream solid area rug for now until you can put in the dark flooring and buy white furniture or get slip covers made in bright white, and paint the walls dark dark brown. Hope this helps you understand some of your issues.

  • Ltt834476 Ltt834476 on Feb 03, 2017

    Using the same concept on that picture you posted with sofas facing each other and the fireplace being the main focus is doable. Use the two ends and one single in the middle for the right side. Then use two of the singles on the opposite side with a small end table in between the two sections with a lamp. Which leaves you one more single seat. Use that behind the three piece, against the wall where you have the star mirror. Place the seat at an angle to the left. Then add a small end table with a lamp as well. This will give a more privacy area for reading. I would move that star mirror & hang it above the fireplace. The plain square one is way too small for that area. Remember, the fireplace is your focus area. This arrangement will also allow those in the living room to communicate with those in the kitchen or dining room. Brings all three rooms together. Good luck!

  • Loretta Loretta on Feb 03, 2017

    Sorry, I figured out it was flooring later :(( Well good luck then. Hope you try setting it up the way I suggested, but you do have color issues working against each other. hope you can work it all out :))

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Feb 04, 2017

    In 4th picture I would take the end seat closest to fireplace and place it facing towards the sofa across with a throw. I would leave the rest of sofa where it is. That way you don't have an unbalanced space. I would get a metallic table for that chair and a oval one for sofa with glass table top. The mirror over fire place is to small you need either a larger one and then some greenery or large candles and an item or 2 that has spake to draw eyes over to focal point of room. The circular piece is a good item to allow you to imagine how large item over fireplace should be. If you find a piece of art work make sure that you love it since you will face it if in that room. Curtains and circular piece make fireplace look small and yet it's the focal point of room not to mention carpet. It's to much for space. I would remove carpet and circular piece and see if it fits over fire place. See fireplace needs something like that to really capture attention. It's a great space just busy. Plus carpet is white and black yet room is a warm color and trim on curtains should be changed out plain white is fine because of blinds. A warm larger carpet should be added to ground sofa and then fireplace then curtains. It's a large room so go slow. Don't just get any carpet make sure you love it.

  • Kristen Kristen on Feb 04, 2017

    But I like be the rug. What about changing wall color

  • Loretta Loretta on Feb 04, 2017

    You have to decide on which pallete you are going to do, black and white or creams and Browns, the two don't mix unfortunately. You would have to paint your walls a very dark color, like espresso, and then do everything else in bright white. But you would still have the cream sofa and the brown flooring. If the floor is hardwood, great you can stain it, but if not, you have to work with what you have. You could get bright white slip overs for the sofa, but still have the floor and walls to work with. Black and white is a very strong and dramatic combo for a room. Any Browns or creams simply takes away from that drama and just makes it look kind of messy.

  • Sherry Richardson Sherry Richardson on Feb 05, 2017

    i have exact room and have cream leather love seat and have same mirror. So feel your pain and I have money issues !!! So I think you can pull this all together with about one hundred bucks! The mirror does need to be over fireplace. But go to dollar store and buy acrylic paint. One cream and one white and one black and one same color as your walls. Paint the mirror frame. White AND cream. Maybe start white close to middle and blend to the tips white. Or vice versa. So now your white and cream in room will look planned. Then go buy huge square canvas and do abstract picture with white cream and color of wall with a stroke of something black in it ( unless your an artist ) Will pull all the colors together. And I bought a sectional and designed room just like the fireplace was not there -worked great !

    • Kristen Kristen on Feb 10, 2017

      Does your kitchen/dining open up to this room? If there was a wall there, it would make it SO much easier. The mirror is way too big and won't fit over the fireplace. ;( I think I may move it to the stairwell and maybe do a gallery wall....

  • Sherry Richardson Sherry Richardson on Feb 11, 2017

    Don't have a wall. Don't even have a dining room. Kitchen open and. barstools there. Condo so small

  • Lindcurt Lindcurt on Feb 12, 2017

    I love your color combination, rug and sofa are great too. I like the rug placement just pull the sofa back a bit so it only sits on 10"of the rug. Add another armless piece into what you have in the picture and place the other two armless pieces on the two ends nearest the fireplace. This would be a U shape with a chaise lounge look on the top ends of the U. I still love your rug.

    The sunburst mirror just needs to shine above a black buffet. Buffet should be twice as wide as the mirror. Add a little more black into the room. Maybe a low bench under the window.

    Don't change your colors just add some dark brown accents. If there is room for a sofa table make it a dark brown. Maybe dark brown accent pillows with your black and white. Art work in brown over the fireplace. It' ok to mix whites and creams. Too much of either one is overwhelming. Don't paint the sunburst mirror.

  • Lily Schlender Lily Schlender on Feb 13, 2017

    hi Kristen in texas, so much emphasis is on the fireplace. the kitchen and dining area are all connected. I would take out the bar stools. keep 4 chairs at the table. don't get rid of the others but put them away in another spot until you need them. if you look at the 3 areas in one. you only have curtains above the one window. it seems like it is hung too high. I would take down the rod and the curtains. it detracts from your focal point. (fireplace) the blinds are nice looking. you could get some nice valances that coordinate with the kitchen. you could do all your windows with toppers and both areas would look finished and not lopsided. also, without the stools you could put your sofa with the long side back toward your kitchen/dining area. keep the rug in line with the windows like you had it. put the sectional in L shape lined up with the windows and facing the fireplace. keep the ends open (no arms). get some sauder or ikea bookshelves and make your own library wall from the fireplace to the notched out end of the wall. you could trim them out with some moldings and fill them with your own items that you like to look at. attach them to the wall so they are solid and look built in. you could beef up the mantel with larger mantel and sides. put that awesome sun mirror above the fireplace. if you can't do the bookshelves. have some molding and trim done to the height of the mantel along that wall. (see the posting of the hallway idea someone posted) she used some metal sculpture on the wall out of a reclaimed fireplace screen. she stenciled her walls also. not that you need to do that. some said your white/black/cream don't go??? I think it's all nice...just out of place. also, you can paint your wall area there between the post by the door to the end of the other wall where the door way starts. just cut in the color to the edge and don't go over the part that juts out. does this make sense? stay in the color tones of your walls now just darker. don't buy anymore chairs for that room. the sectional is perfect. just keep it tight and in a L shape. look for a low rectangular or oval coffee table . please post your final pictures too. enjoy.

  • TrishR TrishR on Feb 13, 2017

    Don't focus on fireplace. Focus on wall to the right of fireplace, and that of course will blend the fireplace right in to the focus. Rug should be set about 1 foot away from that wall but not near the hearth if possible. Move sofa back toward the end of the rug, near eating area. Remember that your sofa doesn't have to be on top of the rug, but just front legs about 1 foot on top of rug. You can then leave as sectional or break it up a little. If I broke it up, it would be the right side (facing wall) so there's plenty of room to walk into your living room from that side. I hope this makes sense.

    • TrishR TrishR on Feb 13, 2017

      almost forgot, add color to the room by artwork, pillows and throws. No need to re-paint if you add plenty of color. The fireplace mantle could definitely use a nice artwork above it

  • Ann Ann on Mar 09, 2017

    There are several ways you could arrange. If you flip the window to the other wall, this first LR on left is similar: I notice in all of these pictures, which are interior decorator's, the fireplace and the furniture placement form a triangle, which seems to look more balanced than the square/rectangle.

  • Tan20629544 Tan20629544 on Mar 09, 2017

    Did you know you can stretch fabric over a cheap painting from a discount store? Go to a fabric store and pick a LARGE pattern of extra wide fabric with a about 1/3 of one of your basic colors and some colors you LOVE. It will be easy with black, white or cream. Shop at a store that offers "one cut for 50% off". That way you can buy premium fabric. Buy one or two yards of another pattern that has the same colors. Cover two or three throw pillows with that fabric using safety pins. On the wall opposite the fireplace I would group some photographs. To arrange them cut pieces of colored paper the same sizes and tape them with double sided tape to the wall. It would be great to have them all in the same color frames.

    PS If you love your curtains then choose the extra colors from those colors. Otherwise I would pick a floor length or longer beige or white curtain.

    If you want directions to stretching fabric over the painting just reply. Good Luck.

  • Nau21415244 Nau21415244 on Mar 12, 2017

    the first things I thought were the rug should be more centered then after seeing more photos I thought the would things I be switched. The dining room should be where ththe dining room should be where the fireplace is at. How beautiful to enjoy your dinner in front of the fireplace with no tv? The large rug would fit perfetc with your dining room set on top of it Maybe wallpaper the fireplace wall or paint it a contrasting color. I see so many wonderful combinations with these two rooms.

  • Cindy greene Cindy greene on Sep 03, 2018

    More the sofa are

    a smaller sofa

    • Kristen Kristen on Sep 05, 2018

      I took the extra pieces off the sectional so there are only 3 pieces now.

  • Cha Cha on Mar 07, 2020

    move/turn sofa so that the longest part is where the short piece is

  • Pat60026371 Pat60026371 on Mar 29, 2022

    I think splitting the furniture on each side of the rug and fireplace will work and maybe a coffee table in the center. Good luck

  • Hck80497096 Hck80497096 on Apr 05, 2023

    I would take 2 sections from the sectional and place them in front of the window next to the fireplace with a side table between them. Place the remainder of the sectional, which I believe would be equivalent to a couch, perpendicular to the chairs and your carpet in front of the couch and your sofa table behind the couch.