Floral sofa advice

I have this floral sofa that I love, but I need help decorating around it. Any ideas?
q floral sofa advice
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 11, 2016
    In my opinion the carpet needs to be a solid color.

  • Delores Delores on Nov 11, 2016
    Yes, I am changing the rug. Thanks

  • Ilona Elliott Ilona Elliott on Nov 11, 2016
    A solid rug with texture like jute or sea grass, some tall plants, a rustic trunk style coffee table-- going for the boho look because of the sofa. It's very cool. I would use round end tables because of the curves on the sofa, maybe ceramic garden seat on one end and a round end table at the other. A large bold and colorful piece of artwork somewhere would reinforce the boho look, as well as a little wicker in the room. Just some ideas to play with. It is such a fun piece to start with! Lucky you.

  • Tre7620701 Tre7620701 on Nov 12, 2016
    It is a very beautiful couch. Definitely needs some pillows. Maybe a solid color and a pretty afghan.

  • Delores Delores on Nov 12, 2016
    Some great ideas to go with and very speedy. Super good site for resolving issues such as mine.

  • Tan1781564 Tan1781564 on Nov 12, 2016
    Solid colored throw draped on back

  • Brenda G Drennan Brenda G Drennan on Nov 12, 2016
    You need to put solid colored throw pillows and a snuggle throw off to the back of one end. I would get rustic type end tables with iron bases

  • DMG DMG on Nov 12, 2016
    Hello. What is your budget and what are some things that you have already? Thank you.

  • Marguerite Crain Marguerite Crain on Nov 12, 2016
    Get a solid color rug...

  • Bj Bj on Nov 12, 2016
    I bought a lovely cream damask sofa cover from Country Door that would fit this couch beautilfully. I have washed it a jillion times and can change the décor in my living room any way I want or according to holiday.

  • Melissa V Melissa V on Nov 13, 2016
    Hey Delores, I love pillows! They can really make a difference, along with a cozy throw. Just from this photo it appears to have some sun damage, or is that just the light from behind? If it's ok, then I would add furniture pieces that you have, and items that you find as you shop around (garage/estate sales, dollar store deals on faux flowers and art, etc). Have fun!!!

  • Jim L Jim L on Nov 13, 2016
    Have you thought about PAINTING the fabric on the sofa? I have read on this site about painting fabric. If you don't what to do that, add a couple of solid throw pillows, a couple of STRIPE and maybe a couple of plaid...use a variety of colors that are in this fabric that is on the sofa...A solid rug with "texture" would be very nice. Good luck.

  • Sharon Sharon on Nov 13, 2016
    HI, I love that sofa! I would use light colored woods, to match with the legs of the sofa, for coffee and end tables. Soft neutrals, ecru, cream and such for rugs and a few pillows. Shades of the same pinks (just darker and lighter) for more pillows and other upholstered furniture. Add some green for contrast. Plants, or even a wall. Enjoy. if you are like me, and find using paint chips to be to small for figuring out what colors you like together, get fat quarters of fabric at a craft or fabric store. Even wall mart. They can be laid out together, moved and changed, to see what you like. Or, just pieces of clothing just for color comparisons. Have fun with it.

  • Sho11245343 Sho11245343 on Nov 13, 2016
    Use the pastel colors of the print in throw pillows to "pop" the appearance. You can even use solid color pillows and tie them with a sheer ribbon and large bow. Use contrasting tassels on nearby lamps (e-z to make with hanks of embroidery floss, which you tie off at one end while labels are still on) Then you will have matching color coordinates. The FL Tamale Boca Raton, FL

  • Rae Rae on Nov 14, 2016
    Love the vintage look of the sofa! Always remember less is more when you start adding accessories. It may take a while to get the finished look but take your time because you have a lovely starting point.

  • Fmd10300828 Fmd10300828 on Nov 14, 2016
    Cream color area rug with texture like shag or fur. Make sure it is is large enough that legs of sofa and other furniture are on it. Solid color club chairs that blend with sofa and area rug.

  • Kim Salmi Kim Salmi on Nov 14, 2016
    I would use contrasting fabric for pillows and chairs in the same color scheme ...personally I love stripes with floral ..but in this case small thin stripes of cream on wine to keep the nice country feeling of the sofa ...either like a railroad ,pillow,or pinstipe style....and light wood furniture with a wine area rug with cream border .....lovely sofa to work with ...very warm and cozy looking ...my favorite look : )

  • Brm14212557 Brm14212557 on Nov 14, 2016
    Look at the color wheel, find the opposite of the reddish color in the sofa and use that as your accent color. I love stripes or a geometric patteren to offset the formal floral look. There are rules but find things you like to accessorize.

  • Han7797641 Han7797641 on Nov 15, 2016
    Purchase some thin quilts and cover it up. I have 2 different sets and change them for winter and summer. They usually come with shams make smaller throw pillows

  • Dor2639616 Dor2639616 on Nov 15, 2016
    I would put cream color pillows and throw on to bring it out. Love the vintage look!

  • Delores Delores on Nov 15, 2016
    I really do not want to cover it or paint it. The picture does no do justice. It is not faded at all. It has beautiful distinct colo.

    • Melissa V Melissa V on Nov 15, 2016
      Hi again Delores! Now that you've answered the question about your sofa not being faded, what I'm seeing is a pretty brick color with an ivory/cream floral pattern. As I mentioned before, I love pillows! You can really change things up with the right touch-and think about the color wheel...what would be opposite the brick hue? Maybe a deep teal (I have 2 dust ruffles that I bought just to make valances out of and they have exactly your colors-mostly deep teal w/brick and ivory.) If you can get several mix and match pillows and a nice throw, you'll be all set. Again, not knowing what other pieces you have, take your time, look for sales and only buy it if you like it!

  • Marguerite Crain Marguerite Crain on Nov 15, 2016
    Use a solid color rug

  • Marguerite Crain Marguerite Crain on Nov 15, 2016
    looks like burgundy would be a nice color ....do you have another picture of it in a better light>

  • Joanie Joanie on Nov 15, 2016
    I love your sofa and I would not cover or paint it. As the girls say above, pillows and more pillows...I read on here where a woman bought a cream drop cloth and made her pillows.

  • Lynda Ballos Lynda Ballos on Nov 15, 2016
    Use the colors in your sofa and accent with pillows and throws of the same colors but use different textures, as well as dots or stripes...just stay in your color theme

  • Dic4965015 Dic4965015 on Nov 15, 2016
    It appears to be 'brick color with cream accents' as commented previously. Also looks like you have a blocked rug with those colors and some green? I'd use that as your 'color scheme'. Try cream walls...maybe with an accent one in brick color(?). Add cream and touch of green in throw pillows. Carry your colors into lamp shades, window treatments, art work, accents, etc. You can add other patterns if striped, checked, or different scale (larger or mini). Beautiful sofa! Good luck -- have fun with it :) Afterthought: If you're using that rug for colors, green walls could also look nice as long as you mix and match the three colors....

    • Melissa V Melissa V on Nov 18, 2016
      Hey Dick, I'm kind of taking that as a complement 🤗 I'm new at this Hometalk stuff. Thank you.

  • Suellen Hintz Suellen Hintz on Nov 15, 2016
    Make it the star of the room by painting your room ... either a close match to the rosy color or the opposite on the color wheel. Chairs in the room upholstered in stripes. Use a traditional small floral print rug. Install a fabuloUs chandelier.

  • Shirley long Shirley long on Nov 15, 2016
    You can change the color! There is a new fabric spray paint just for upholstery!!! Will need to go darker though.

  • Vee Vee on Nov 15, 2016
    I would paint the feet of the sofa one of the colors in the print,as already stated I would use a throw with pillows in a strip or solid in a complementary color to the two on the pattern. Gray is a very good color. I would also replace the rug and and oval shape coffee table in the same color as the legs of the sofa. Again as stated painting the walls to showcase your sofa.

  • Connie Connie on Nov 16, 2016
    Stick to the traditional prints and patterns that would work with the floral pattern you have. If you go too modern in pillows and curtains like bold graphic designs it won't work. If you bring in another color try to stay in same tone or hue as the brick or rose color that it is. Bring a cushion along when shopping for pillows, curtains or paint chips. Good luck and have fun shopping.

  • Helen Helen on Nov 16, 2016

  • Sherrie Koehler Miller Sherrie Koehler Miller on Nov 16, 2016
    You want the colors you use to be very muted, soft grey green solid rug and shade of cream for wall and slightly darker for curtain. Since it is busy, everything else should be solid, curtains should be gathered but not ruffled. Try soft pine green pillows. If you want flowers, let them be creamy white- no colors. low antiqued coffee table and side table lamps- ivory white, solid color side chair (soft green or wine)- armless. Your current rug is too modern and should not have a pattern.

  • You left little apparent the surroundings of the sofa so it is a little difficult to suggest something but I suggest that you first study a color palette and choose a three or four colors that consider good and that match the sofa. Next, always keeping the sofa in the center of the question, think about what could change, be used in another configuration (recycle), renovated and / or something that you feel could be part of the place. Spend time on this, do a project and take more time in conception than physical change. The energy of the place will like this new harmony (the expectation of change) and you will have ideas ... choose the ones that are most in harmony with your personal harmony (and the other people of the place). Suggestions: if you like the surroundings, you could put a shawl covering it partially so it would have some of the colors of the environment or, if it is the case, put around it, in this environment, the colors of it or the color palette to which it Belongs. My best suggestion is this: make this a project with many ideas that consider not only objects of decoration but also colors, shapes and something artistic, cultural that everyone who frequent this environment appreciate. Tanks por asking! Good Lucky!