How do i create inexpensive storage for my yarn and quilting fabric?


I've tried plastic bins-they collapse when stacked. Jumbo zip lock bags, they don't stay zipped. I have an apartment so, anything attached to wall is out. Any ideas?

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  • By Brittany Goldwyn By Brittany Goldwyn on Aug 07, 2018

    Two things come to mind...maybe a cube-style storage shelf like this one from Ikea? We use ours for clothes and other odds and ends. Thinking about using a similar approach as our daughter gets older and needs more toy storage, too. You can get them at Walmart/Target/Amazon too. We also have really great drawer dividers from Ikea that were super cheap and help organize all of my daughter's small things in her drawers. There are some pics of the inside of her dresser drawers in this post!

  • Timothy Goodyear Timothy Goodyear on Aug 07, 2018

    Build u some boxes out of pallets

  • Dwp7470b Dwp7470b on Aug 07, 2018

    If you have ever made string art, [like lace easter eggs or lamp shades made out of embroidery yarn] these are sturdy enough to hold yarn, when you wrap these enough around any Removable Structure.


    Most Beginner String Artists use Balloons or Balloon Art for the Structure that you wrap the string around.

    But you are not that limited.

    You can also create:

    A. For Standard Tube Lamp Shades, you use a Long Tube Balloon or a Piece of Cardboard

    B. For Globe Shades [or Light up Snowballs for under the tree], you may want to use a deflatible ball rather than seek round balloons to buy.

    C. For Snowmen, you need use 2 or 3 Balloons or Balls.

    D. For anything you might create with a 'Snake Cube', like a Christian Cross, Planes, Ducks and otherwise you need 24 Triangles, and they do sell triangular balloons.

    E. For Superbowl Decor, use the bladder of a football and deflate it when it dries to remove from inside the String Art.

    F. For Christmas ornament balls you need use a small balloon rather than a deflated large balloon.

    G. For Snowflakes, and Small Lids [that you assemble with a Tube Shade as a Tube Storage Container], you need to cut your 2 pieces of sturdy corrugated cardboard that you wrap around, in manners that you can get these out of the string art.

    H. For puppies and other shapes based on balloon art like you might see a clown do, you use a balloon art.

    I. For Baskets, use a pail or a bucket, with a piece of cardboard.

    J. For extremely complex designs these isually involve woodworking prior, to create a Slivered design that removes with tweezers and a screw driver.

    To Do...

    So, first you need select what your shape is, and per necessity make that Shape, even of craft sticks.

    Most blow up a balloon or bladder or Reuse Shoeboxes or Cardboard from a Box of mostly any shape.

    Do not use Sugar to dip the string like many do, to end up discovering an ant farm or mice problem that eats their decor.

    You use either liquid starch or cooked starch to dip the string, foot by foot Or Inch by Inch, pending your skill level and experience.

    Color you need can be already dyed on the Embroidery

    Yarn or: Added to the Liquid Starch.

    As this gets Really messy, you must lay down an old tablecloth in your work area, and also have a basin with soap to regularly clean your vinyl gloves.

    Once the String is dipped in starch, you wrap it around the Structure.

    If that structure is a Balloon, you will need to prick it with a pin after the string art is dry to get out the balloon.

    If that structure is cardboard or a heavy duty plastic [like those plastic Sleds they used to sell in the 1970s] you will need to make the tops seperately and attach that later [usually attached with ribbon and glue] so you can just slide the cardboard [tube] out.

    With otherwise designs with Cardboard [Snowflakes, Clothespin bags, etc] you need to prefold and cut that cardboard just like any 3D Puzzle to a size you know you can get out by folding it up and/or disassembly of the puzzle structure with pliers, tweezers or tongs.

  • Val7394925 Val7394925 on Aug 08, 2018

    Check out the plumbing dept at Lowe's or Home Depot for the plastic drainage pipe. Comes in a variety of sizes, up to 6 or 8 inches, black or white which can be painted. Also easy to cut to whatever length you need. The fabric can be rolled to fit inside the pipe. I've used this for storage and in my garden for inexpensive trellis. Lasts a long time.