How to replace walls in single wide mobile home

by Jodie
We have a 1962 mobile home we are remodeling and the floors are under the walls. How would we go about replaceing the walls and flooring? Is there a websight that gives step by step instructions

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  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Nov 04, 2017

    I can't picture your floors are under the walls. Please give us a better idea what your talking about. The more information about this problem will help us help you.

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Nov 04, 2017

    I changed the flooring in my mobile. I just removed the floor boards on the walls and left the vinyl under the walls. I cut the vinyl close to the walls with an Exacto knife. After replacing the flooring with laminate, I installed new floor boards.

    Be very cautious that the walls you want to remove are not load bearing. I removed an interior wall to give a more open look and that's how I found the wall was put in after the flooring. You will have to repair the ceiling if you don't replace the wall.

    When mobiles are built, the manufacturers put down the vinyl flooring then builds the interior walls on top of it. It is quicker and cheaper that way. They can also modify the floor plan to suit the buyer without building new.

  • Lynne Webb Lynne Webb on Nov 04, 2017

    Ebbjdl, I think the flooring is running under the wall structure. Another way to describe is that the floor went down first and the walls were placed atop as they were erected. I haven't a clue what to do unless, as they remove the existing floor, they take it to the wall and cut along the base thereby leaving the original floor and walls intact. Then new flooring can be placed up to that point.

    • Jodie Jodie on Nov 04, 2017

      Yes the floors were layed downthen the walls were put on top of them

  • WH WH on Nov 04, 2017

    In 1962 Mobile Homes were not constructed to HUD specs and as such are generally a very poor build. When you remove the paneling on the walls you will most likely find very small studding, maybe as small as 2" x 2". This is not only not very strong, but allows not much room for insulation.

    Basically I would say the unit is not worth updating, the money invested in the rebuild will not be recoupable in the market. No financial organization will loan against it as it does not meet HUD standards.

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    • WH WH on Nov 05, 2017

      Linda you didn't say how old your home is and that makes a real difference on if its worth updating.... A 1962 Mobile Home is really old and has out lived it's life span.....

  • Bijous Bijous on Nov 04, 2017

    I completely remodeled a manufactured home. You maintain these homes and because they're made like a tin can, they will last a long, long time. Sal is correct, watch out for structural walls. While most of them are not, I wasn't going to take the risk. So I left "pillars" for electrical wiring and support. It still updated the home, but kept support in place. Cutting the carpet out was a pain, but with carpet cutters and patience, it all came up along the walls and the new 3 inch baseboards covered any carpet strands. Just be prepared. Mobile home parts are very expensive. Good luck!

  • 27524803 27524803 on Nov 04, 2017

    Removing walls can be complicated... and a temporary wall may be needed to hold up the roof while you restructure with heavier construction than original.... we have a 2000 era mobile home and the wall construction is 2X3s and we needed to restructure and reinforce just to put in sliding barn doors.

  • Beltinka Beltinka on Nov 04, 2017

    You can find out online if you are supposed to get a permit for the work you're planning. In Washington State, the only permit they will issue for a mobile that old is for demolition. Good luck on your project.

  • Alexeyserbin Alexeyserbin on Jan 23, 2020

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