Area under tire swing?

Molly Ferguson
by Molly Ferguson
Hello! We have a great tire swing that is used constantly by our kids...therefore the area under the swing is bare dirt/mud. I have tried using rubber mulch but that just gets kicked around the rest of the yard. I want to try to avoid using a really hard surface such as concrete or pavers under it in case the kids fall off. Any ideas on what I can place in this area? Thanks!
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  • MN Mom MN Mom on May 11, 2016
    I would plant a tough grass for high traffic areas. Here is the link to the Scott's website which offers a listing of various grass seed and information on different types of grasses to grow.
    • Molly Ferguson Molly Ferguson on May 11, 2016
      @MN Mom Thanks for answering! I wish grass would work but it seems even the tough stuff wont grow in this particular area...
  • MN Mom MN Mom on May 11, 2016
    Maybe you need to start from scratch by tilling the area, adding top soil and seed as if it were a new yard?
  • Julies1949 Julies1949 on May 12, 2016
    No grass is going to successfully grow with the kind of repeated abuse it gets under a swing. I would dig the area out, use some lawn edging and fill the area under the swing with bark mulch. You will likely have to add more now and again, but it is relatively inexpensive.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 12, 2016
    You can get a roll of artificial grass and use spikes to hold it in place.
  • Rfr2711664 Rfr2711664 on May 12, 2016
    Recommend you look for playground mats sold for exactly the problem you are having. Resemble a small area rug but made of a rubber type product that not only cushions but helps keep the soil from being dug out any further by kids and their sneakers. Lay down some soil first to level things out, you don't want a hole with a rubber mat in it as water will just stand there.
  • Talva Keith Talva Keith on May 12, 2016
    Buy a foam puzzle play set that is waterproof, dig a small hole, 1-2 inches deep in the ground to put it in so it doesn't slide around. These things are great! Amazon has them, all kinds and colors, some waterproof and some not. Toy stores probably carry them too. I agree grass won't grow with the kids on it all the time. Plus the foam pieces are softer. You may have to wash them if it rains and they get muddy, but that is simple!
  • Louise Adkins Louise Adkins on May 12, 2016
    Julies1949 has the best solution. Good luck.
  • 3cookies 3cookies on May 12, 2016
    I had the same problem in kids playground. I now use rubber mats. One is even an old mud flap from an 18-wheeler...flipped upside down and graphic painted on it, I have one that is an oversized scrolled door mat. They are cute and work well. They do sell artificial turf too...might be an option
  • Beverly Beverly on May 12, 2016
    Home centre like Lowes sells a product from recycled tires that looks like mulch & comes in different colors. It is rubbery & I have seen it used in playgrounds on DIY shows on TV. Look luck. I'm sure I still have mud on me from our tire swing when we were kids!!!
  • Liz Straughn Liz Straughn on May 13, 2016
    I use playground mats. They are interlocking, so you can get the number you need and add to it later if you find you didn't get enough.
  • 1240839 1240839 on May 13, 2016
    Stall mats, made of thick durable rubber. I saw them at our local Tractor Supply.