Best location for my Bird feeder and bath?

I need suggestions on the best location for my bird feeder and bird bath. Should I place them under trees or in the open? We have lots of squirrels too.

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  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on May 01, 2018
    I like my feeders in the open. It's much easier to watch the birds (and identify them) when they're not hidden by leaves. If you are wanting to actually feed squirrels, then hang the feeder in a low tree branch and be ready to fill it frequently. Our bird bath is a koi pond, but I would suggest the bird bath go in an area that gets at least afternoon shade. Too much sun and you're going to be cleaning it constantly. Cheers!

  • Ken Ken on May 01, 2018
    I'm thinkin' "outside". Inside will get a lot less traffic but will stay nicer looking:

  • Pjo26908388 Pjo26908388 on May 01, 2018
    I have several birdbaths and feeders. Here are a few things to consider. In the shade the water stays cooler in a birdbath, but they get a bit more moss (than the sun) and some trees drop a lot of leaves and flowers, etc. In the sun the water can get pretty warm and evaporate fast. (Keep it in a place where cats can't easily hide.)

    With feeders, same thing as to heat and cooler. If you are using suet, shade for sure. If it's seed a place under a tree where cats can't hide- a bit higher such as a branch or Shepard's hook.

    Whatever works best for you is good! The biRudd will appreciate it and you'll be able to see some interesting ones.

  • Deb K Deb K on May 01, 2018
    We have ours on the lower branches of a huge White Ash, we keep the branch trimmed of small branches and leaves, this provides the birds with some v=cover from predators like the hawks .

  • 27524803 27524803 on May 01, 2018
    We live in AZ and the water can get hot so we have ours in the shade of a bush... ours is a trashcan lid under the faucet... that drips... for the teeny birds and quail babies... a hole in the rim drips into a plant saucer... morning time is bath time for all the sparrows and finches...(the morning "gossip" sessions) we have visiting roadrunners, cardinals, and toehees and other seasonals and all the bunnies come too.

  • Tallahassee Girl Tallahassee Girl on May 02, 2018
    Great information. Thank you.

  • Karen Hurst Karen Hurst on May 16, 2018
    In my area there is no place safe from squirrels. I also have a LOT of shade. I sat up my bird feeder just outside the palmetos and trees in my front yard and the bird bath a little more in the sunny area not far from the feeder. I don't know what kind of birds I get feeding but there's n number of different birds that feed from it. I ca see it from my front window and my side yard where I sit often. Find a good spot for you to be able to watch the activity.