Fire pit landscaping help

We made this fire pit outside and it needs something behind it. Any suggestions would be great, we will be adding some small red stone around it.
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backyard fire pit, need something behind it, not a lot of sun
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  • Connie Hoge Connie Hoge on Jul 27, 2015
    I don't understand the "need something behind it". It looks like you have sort of terraced a flat area on a gentle slope, and provided sitting stones and a fire circle. If you haven't lined the back of the stacked stones with landscape fabric, the soil will wash out and run downhill every time it rains. If you remove the soil just inside the drystone walls, you can line just up the insides of the walls, w/ geotextile (landscape fabric). You can them fill the terrace w/ sharp gravel, giving yourself a firm, clean footing. Use it for a few years and it will pack down enough to be the first layer under a more elaborately paved surface, should you wish. Be careful not to damage any more tree roots, trees can slowly decline for many years and eventually die from too much disturbance. Heat, too. That blue spruce is going to be singed, and possibly the roots won't tolerate the compaction of party feet. Love the rock you are using, if what you want is a backstop for the eye between the fire circle and the forest, shifting a few of the bigger rocks to the back of space would do it. You could get some big friends to help stack a few. Then use stumps or logs as seating closer to the fire- they're more easily rearranged to suit seating needs than rocks are. Yo could add a recirculating trickle of water in the rock stack/divider.

  • E E on Jul 27, 2015
    Hi, to the right is a tennis court, but then it does slope up more to the left, but it has a view of weeds and old leaves. When you sit on the rocks I feel like all you see are the weeds. So would a fence or plants look better, or something else?

  • Connie Hoge Connie Hoge on Jul 27, 2015
    Can you plant vines on the tennis court fence? Spruce up the pathway that goes between in and the spruce tree and back to the rest of the place? If it doesn't go anywhere, make it look like it does, and plant a large blooming shrub or small tree back there, like an American Witch Hazel, which like shade. Remember, you will use this space mostly in the evening and will be mesmerized by the flickering flames and the weeds (which you ought to keep after anyway) will be in the dark.

  • Emma Emma on Jul 27, 2015
    I made pallet furniture to sit around my fire pit.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jul 27, 2015
    Your question does not make sense. Do you want landscape or seating.

  • E E on Jul 27, 2015
    Hi, landscaping ideas, sorry the picture doesn't give you the view from the rock seats. The view is just to look up a slope with weeds and old leaves. I know weeding would help, but it is in area I rather have plants or a fence? Need some suggestions. Thanks.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jul 28, 2015
    If this area is handy a combination of ferns,hostas,haters,and perhaps a variegated grass for shady areas. GoodLuck .

  • Connie Hoge Connie Hoge on Jul 28, 2015
    There appear to be 2 shrubs to the right of your tall tree. If you trim off the very tips of the growing branches, the apical maristems, they will become thicker and possibly even grow more branches around the bottom, where they are now naked. Trim them so the upper branches don't shade each next ones down and this usually works. So your shrub may be slightly wedge shaped, narrower at the top.

  • 861650 861650 on Jul 29, 2015
    Before doing anything, may I suggest you do some research. You can google, "fire pit ideas," and how about, "gardening around fire pits." Take your time. Make a file folder for all the "favorites" that you find. I have done this on many projects and I will tell you that it saved me time, effort and money.

  • Socorro Gonzalez Socorro Gonzalez on Aug 10, 2015
    Hello, I think whatever you choose that must be matching to your fire pit stones. Else I'll suggest you to go for the white flowered plants that is trimmed well according to the fire pit's shape. For example you can see the attached image.

  • Ria Smuts Ria Smuts on Aug 26, 2017
    well this is a great idrange and I have just the space for it. Thanks