Help my very big sad yard!

My yard is to big for me to tackle. I have encouraged a "green" natural fence over my chainlink. I am a expierenced Artist, Painter , do it yourselfer. I curently dont have a bunch of power tools ( but i love them) ... my other challenges are my inability to stay outside in this hot weather. Also a very short attention span. I am grateful for all input but Im not crazy about using pallets for anything. I also would like to stay away from mason jars or the farm house look. I love color , whimsy and comfort. Thank you once again for your help!! Btw I love life hacks ...glue guns, paint ...all forms and duck tape and modge podge....magic can be made with these items. Lots of children will be coming thru my yard too.

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  • Oliva Oliva on Aug 04, 2018

    Sounds as though your yard would benefit from large trees, to which you could hand a swing, a hammock, or place lawn chairs /Adirondack chairs in vivid colors beneath. How about in ground posts, to which you could attach shade sails, or folding fabric, attached to cables, permitting retraction?

    A pergola would help you stay out of the sun, and you could hang baskets of vining flowers from it, place a table and chairs beneath, with game boards for childrens' use. A storage bench could contain childrens' items, pillows, etc. A beverage cart near the house would be handy for iced drinks and so on.

    You might consider planting a childrens' garden with a small sliding board, checkerboard built into a table, childrens' gardening tools.

    A Maze of hedging would provide privacy, shade, and interest.

    Colorful plants such as zinnias, cosmos, in planters will give you color until you plant an area in your yard for flowers.

    Given your location, you'll need shrubs, trees and flowers that can withstand your heat and humidity.

    Your artistry skills can provide many ideas such as oversized wooden or metal sculptures/ flowers/animals/insects for the yard.

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Aug 05, 2018

    Your dream garden sounds lovely Alisa and it would be amazing if you use your artistic talents to add some whimsy. We made some wood nymphs for our garden that you might enjoy doing. It's quick and easy. I would also suggest planting lots of trees for shade and creating little secret gardens that people need to stumble into and be surprised by what's there/ Perhaps it could be a mall water feature or a fairy garden