Help with bird feeder station...

I am no longer allowed to feed birds on my deck at my condo, so I need to set up some type of feeding station away from the condo. I have a vacant lot next to condo and there are woods at the back not too far from the condo. Any idea how I could set up a feeding station for birds (and squirrels) that would not be an eyesore, but still work. You cannot dig because of solid limestone rock very close to the top of soil, so needs to be something free-standing or maybe attached to the trees, which would be hard to access during ice and snow. There is a wooden fence, but the seeds would fall on HVAC so cannot use that. Help Please?

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  • Sharon Sharon on Dec 09, 2017
    I would tie some of those suet-seed feeders in the wire cages to some trees. You might also get a bird bath to view your birds. just get some coated wire to fasten to the sides and around the tree stump.

    • Jea29403251 Jea29403251 on Dec 09, 2017

      Thank you Sharon. I have some of the wire cages but in the woods I also have hundreds of squirrels and although I do not mind feeding them too, they go through those seed cakes more often then I can afford. Good Idea though. Thank you again ... I love feeding and watching birds!

  • Pjo26908388 Pjo26908388 on Dec 09, 2017
    The Shepard's hooks for plant baskets work great for bird feeders.
    Craft stores like JoAnn's sales them in the spring and continues to mark down the prices as the season goes on. Garden stores have them too.

    • Jea29403251 Jea29403251 on Dec 09, 2017
      Thank you Pjoblake! Good idea. I actually have some but most of the trees are too high for me to reach or the smaller trees are not strong enough to hold them up.. Maybe I can get someone to attach a pully from my deck to the large trees and bring them back and forth that way. I have a Lowe's garden center close by. Will work on your idea. and Thanks again.

  • Lynne Webb Lynne Webb on Dec 09, 2017
    Yes! Shepard s hooks! Haunt garage sales, Goodwills newspapers for 'freebies'. From one bird lover to another, happy hunting. I do understand condo rules. Birds gathering, bird poop on cars, Bah Humbug attitudes!

    • Jea29403251 Jea29403251 on Dec 09, 2017
      Yes Lynne I am so sad that I can no longer just go out and put seeds on my deck. I have those iron holders attached to the outside of the deck where I hung feeders and admit I have put them on the railing to the deck and sit at my kitchen table and watch many different types of birds from cardinals, chickadees, blue jays, wrens, creepers, and many others - even have to run a hawk off every now and then (tell him I know he needs to eat too but not my birds!) One year I had about 100 grossbeaks come to my feeders and because I had a pear tree they stayed for about a week! My cats were so excited iooking out at them... thank you again for your info and well wishes.

  • Bella's mommy Bella's mommy on Dec 09, 2017
    God bless you for feeding the birdies.

  • 27524803 27524803 on Dec 09, 2017
    A stack of concrete or cinder blocks with a large heavy tray or clay plant saucer on top for a bird bath or to hold seeds. Hangers for feeders can be made with a light weight chain (like for lamps) and wire shower curtain hooks... the height can be easily adjusted. And there are many ways to make inexpensive bird feeders.. from 2 liter bottles and metal plates or pie tins for example.

    • Jea29403251 Jea29403251 on Dec 09, 2017
      Thank you Marty. I actually already use plant saucers (large) ones with rocks in them to keep water on the ground so smaller animals can also get to it. I have even seen a turtle drink water from it once.. and little ground squirrels, etc. I am allowed to do that. :) but that is also maybe a way I can feed the birds too, by using them. Your hanger ideas are great too,, I can do that on the smaller bushes in the edge of the woods. I know that I was born to be an animal advocate and that in my books, includes birds and all living things. I do not drink any type of drinks from bottles (a vegetarian who only drinks 64ozs of water a day with lemon or ginger, etc. but bet I can find someone in the condos who will be happy to share their bottles with me. Thank you again. And happy nature watching.

  • Jea29403251 Jea29403251 on Dec 09, 2017
    Thank you everyone, for your help. I appreciate.

  • Pjo26908388 Pjo26908388 on Dec 10, 2017
    Shepard's's hooks go directly into the ground with a metal h shape that sink in to stabilize the pole and the big hook holds the bird feeder. They are squirrel proof and free standing. I'm in a condo too that discourages patio feeding because of mice and rats. Lots of my neighbor feed hummingbird with the sugar syrup and it doesn't draw vermin. There are feeders that suction cup to windows if you you can do that on one other than your patio. Sounds like you'll come up with the right solution. Good luck!