What can I put down to catch bird seed under bird feeders?

Peggy Sturgis
by Peggy Sturgis

I have put mulch over a rock bed and then put up bird feeders. It is an unsightly mess underneath them. Any ideas on how to prevent this? I was thinking about buying some indoor/outdoor carpet (cheap) and cutting holes in it for the feeders. Not sure how practical this is.

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  • Yes, birds are messy! At least mine are. I used 12" square concrete pavers under some of mine to make a little patio. Easy to sweep up every night so you have less chance for mice, rats, roaches and other creatures of the night come through. I have 5 seed feeders in both front and back yards. Inexpensive, I purchased on sale for 88 cents each.

  • Peggy Sturgis Peggy Sturgis on Aug 15, 2019

    Great idea!,,

  • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on Aug 15, 2019

    Peggy...could you tie a handkerchief or bandanna to the corners so it might catch some of the food for reuse?

  • Kmdreamer Kmdreamer on Aug 16, 2019

    I just did that first I made the holes smaller with duct tape because they were spilling out seeds on the floor then I took a large round plastic Chinese takeout container lid and driller holes in the middle for water to drain then glue to bottom of feeder if you want you could also add wire to hold it from falling.