Huge tree stumps in front yard. How to disguise them or decorate them

Have 3 large ones, they were rotting so with the changing climate felt like we had to do something. One is very close to our water well which is drilled 180 feet down. The other one is near our fence line from the neighbor. The other is about 20' from the house & fell near our garage by excellent loggers who knew just what they were doing but we still held our breath. Thanks for any ideas.

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  • Betty Betty on May 25, 2018
    Planted English ivy on my stump .the other one sit a big pot on it and planted flowers in it .my husband drill holes in all of them then add Epson salt slowly working .Good luck

  • Carol Marszalek Carol Marszalek on May 25, 2018
    make Fairae or Gnome Home’s our of them.

  • JudyH JudyH on May 25, 2018
    We had a stump in our baçkyard that we encircled with decorative landscape blocks several layers high to make a small raised bed. It is just big enough areà to plant a few tomatoes and peppers. If you are not into growing food, a raised bed would be very pretty filled with carpet roses.

    • Bonnie Bonnie on May 26, 2018
      that is a good idea, except the stumps we have are from trees from between 110 to 130 feet tall, and there are 3 of them. The stumps are at least 3/4 feet tall depending on where they sit on the ground. and they are about 3/4 feet wide. It would take a lot of dirt to fill these beds high enough to cover the stumps. Do appreciate this idea and it's a good one will give it some thought. Thank you very much for your idea. We do have carpet roses and a garden so the planting would be easy.

  • JudyH JudyH on May 26, 2018
    The trees we had removed were huge oaks so understand what you mean about substantial stumps. And it did take a whole truck load of dirt to fill in the raised bed! LOL! Not to mention a lot of work laying the blocks. We did find that it speeds up stump decay if you bore holes in the stumps with a drill and pour Epsom salt in them.

  • Allinthefamilysingers Allinthefamilysingers on May 26, 2018
    If they are rotting what me and my kids done we chopped them in small pieces as close we could and then brought dirt in and covered them up You can make a flower ring around it and feel the dirt over it You will never see it. Or put grass sods over it. We rented a house that had 6 or more of these in the front yard We just took our time in the cool of the evening. We drive by that house sometimes now and no one would ever know they had been there beautiful yard. GOOD LUCK....

  • Chris Krikitt Gribenas Chris Krikitt Gribenas on May 28, 2018
    Turn one into a table with lumber or a thrift store tabletop. Ask, they may have a broken one for free. Bore a hole in table for a solar light and set a couple chairs out for a picnic.
    Make a wreath of ivy or grapevine to fit around edge and staple/nail well. Then decorate for the season or holiday. For Christmas I would have a couple poinsettias and a big Santa Claus. Add a solar light on a extended pole so light shines down on decor.
    Big tree..? Do a circle of lights around the Virgin Mary.