I need help ideas for an awkward flowerbed at the front of our house

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q i need help ideas for an awkward flowerbed at the front of our house
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  • Sharon Sharon on Feb 25, 2018
    I would do some flowering shrubs like peonies, hydrangeas, azaleas along the wall.... about 12" away. Then put some ground cover on the rest, I have blue and white bells on my direct sun bed. I have another that is lobelia.

  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Feb 25, 2018
    I would first make the walkway wider. If you don't want to pour more concrete, you could frame it on both sides in either brick or pavers. Then I would frame the garden with a matching stone border and build up the garden. I would plant some low growing shrubs in front of the window so it doesn't block the view as it grows. I would plant something taller in the middle of the wall to break up all of the brick. Or put up a white trellis and have a vine of your choice grow there. Then plant matching shrubs on the other side. Plant flowers for some color but stay away from red. I would also put up white vinyl railings along both sides of steps and porch and get white planters. White lights on the house would look good, too.

  • What a cute corner! I would place taller perennials in the back, some medium height flowers in the middle and low flowers or annuals at the border. Then something tall like tree roses in the 2 pots by the door. Here are some plant ideas.

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  • Ellis Ellis on Feb 25, 2018
    I agree that something a bit taller would go well in the middle of the wall.
    There are lots of shrubs and plants that will fit well there, especially if it's sunny.

    If you don't want to put a trellis on the house (I wouldn't, it could damage your brick) you could put up a free standing trellis by placing posts at a slight distance from the wall, perhaps 6" or more, and attaching the trellis to them.
    Then you could put any vining plant that you choose, without fearing it will adhere to the brick.

  • Susan krom Susan krom on Feb 25, 2018
    It needs some height. Have you thought of an Arbor or ornamental small bush or tree of some kind perhaps in the corner and near downspout to hide that?

  • Blaire Simpson Oslander Blaire Simpson Oslander on Feb 25, 2018
    Where do you live? If you are northwest, use a nice white rhododendron on the wall, and underplant with hostas, impatiens, or other white flowering perennial. An alternative would be an azalea. Rosemary pruned in conifer shape in the planters with white trailing plants or variegated vines like vinca. If you are in the colder, higher altitudes,consider an evergreen shrub with underplantings of annuals. I don't think you're in the southwest, so I'll skip that. Great plains, tough climate but you could plant small conifers in the pots, maybe some holly on the wall that will give you berries in winter. You get the idea. You can put in bulbs as well if you get cold winters and they'll continue to bloom each year. If you get full sun, you might consider putting in a specimen tree like a maple, dogwood, etc. and again underplant with whatever will take the sun. It will give you a nice view from the window, and you can light it during the holidays. A trellis is fine, but consider what to plant--do you want something like a climbing rose that will be dormant in winter? Would jasmine sunburn? You could also think about something like podocarpus, climate permitting. It can be sheared and stays neat, will grow tall.

    Or, put in a fountain in the middle and plant lots of bee, hummingbird and butterfly friendly plants!

  • Sherri Sherri on Feb 26, 2018
    Love your ideas! I live in Maryland .. not far from the whitehouse ... we back up to woods and have deer that like to come to our flowerbeds for dessert!

  • Sherri Sherri on Feb 26, 2018
    Great idea .. I had thought oF a tree in the center but like your idea of maybe hiding the downspout .. thank you!