Is there anything to do with excess clay dirt in my yard?

Rochelle Phelps
by Rochelle Phelps
Last week, I had anchors installed in my basement wall and they had to dig a trench parallel to the basement in my backyard. So now I have an 18 inch wide by 20 feet long stretch of clay across my backyard. Just wondering how to get rid of it?
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  • You could make a berm out of the dirt at the back of the yard and plant it with some perennials and a small specimen tree or shrub.
  • Rose Rose on Sep 06, 2014
    build a earthen oven out of it, mix the clay with sand and straw to form out a oven and even beaches / seats around it .. would be great for a outdoor patio set up and green building. win/ win for all .
  • Considering how much it cost you to have the anchors installed I would have expected them to clean up after themselves. How much clay did they remove from between the foundation and the soil? As they told you the clay soil is most likely the issue why the foundation pushed into the house. Clay can expand quite a lot, and when it dries it shrinks a lot as well, when that happens the clay settles down further into the ground so when it gets wet again it has much more pushing power against the foundation. If they removed only 18 inches of this stuff I hope they did so almost all the way down to the foundation footing. But that's another different post all together. I would have them haul it away.