How can I make a walk on a sloping side yard?

Doug Farmer
by Doug Farmer

I have to take my trash container to the street each week. I have a safety issue! My yard slopes from the side patio to the property line (fence). When the grass is dormant or wet, I can easily fall when trying to move the trash cart thru the side gate. At my age I need a safer walk way to get my trash container out to the street. Its 9 feet from the patio to the side fence with a 2 1/2 foot drop.

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  • It greatly depends on the the material you want to use and the ending cost you're comfortable with. I would recommend that you form up for an additional concrete walkway that ties into the existing patio. You may also explore placing the precast landscape blocks on the downhill side and fill with stone, placing stepping stones closely to give you a more even walkway. Keep in mind the walkway you choose will need to have a way to drain the water from the downspout and the gutter shown in the picture.

  • Kmdreamer Kmdreamer on Jan 22, 2019

    I would dig in steps then place pavers or stones or brick on the steps till ground level make them wide and long about 3 feet long

  • Seth Seth on Jan 22, 2019


    You obviously want a flat surface to be able to navigate safely. That means excavating the soil (about the width of the gate) from the gate to your existing concrete pad. Whatever material you choose, you will most likely need a border The border on the high side will be taller than the border on the low side when the path is level with the lowest point of the gate. Your gate swings in (at least it looks that way) so you cannot create a path that would prevent the door from opening in, unless you want to move the hinge pins so it swings out. If it already swings out, you could have a step down on the other side of the gate and make the path a little higher on the inside. Wood timbers are fairly easy to work with if you like the look. You would use the 5x5 size, not the garden landscape timbers, which might be too small. On low side, bury the timbers about 3" into the ground and stake it in place with 1/2" diameter rebar 18" long. You will need a 1/2" auger bit to drill through the timber. On the hight side build a low retaining wall that would be two timbers high, staggering the seams. Again, pre-drill the holes only this time you will need 24" long rebar. Lay landscape fabric and gravel under the timbers first to help keep them flat and provide drainage.

  • Rymea Rymea on Jan 23, 2019

    I assume the land is slanted the same way on the outside of the gate. If so, you are looking at a pretty big project. i would call some landscapers and get their ideas. But really you need a better place for the trash. You could look at putting the trash container on the other side of the gate nearer the street maybe with a fence to hide it. Or if you have a garage put the trash container there.

  • Em Em on Jan 23, 2019

    Why not install a hand rail along the existing concrete in the grass? You could also have a small pad poured at the same level in the grass to hold the trash can and get it out of your way. This could even be built out of wood like a platform. When trash day comes pull it onto the walkway and drag it behind you to the curb. You won't fall into the yard with a railing and handrail.