Asked on Nov 13, 2013

Making a shade house from a rotary clothesline

Val Roche
by Val Roche
I have a large rotary clothesline that I wish to turn into a shade house with the help of 4 long pieces of galvanised pipe ,[ to anchor the corners,] and shade cloth . However I can't work out how to attach the corners of the rotary top to the holes in the corner of the galvy . I will have to pay one of the neighbors to give a bit of a hand , as I'm an aging duck and will need help . What are the heavy weight metal rings that screw up?
Thanks . Hope someone can help.
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  • Z Z on Nov 14, 2013
    I'm not sure what you are talking about as I've not heard of a shade house, but I do believe the answer to the last question is a flange. Is this what you are looking for?$%28KGrHqV,!p8E-64bB!LOBQ!K8UQymg~~60_35.JPG
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    • Z Z on Nov 14, 2013
      @Val, I'm going to need a photo to help you. Can you take one showing where you want to attach the pipe to? I do know what you mean by a shade house now. It's like a green house only it shades the plants from too much sun instead.
  • Val Roche Val Roche on Nov 14, 2013
    Well bless my soul . I have just been told by a friend who lived in America , that you don't use clotheslines to hang your laundry out in the sun to dry , only clothes dryers . In view of all your sadly disastrous weather maybe there's a reason . If any one is interested enough you could go to E-Bay Australia and see what rotary clothes lines are
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    • Grandmasue10 Grandmasue10 on Apr 13, 2016
      @Val Roche I love the smell of sheets and pillowcases hung outside. Did you know the sunshine is like adding peroxide to your wash? It disinfects!
  • Centrd Centrd on Nov 15, 2013
    Are you talking about something like this? They don't seem very expensive compared to hiring someone to make something for you. I'm afraid I don't understand what "the heavy metal rings that screw up" means. Like large eye screws or eye bolts?
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    • Val Roche Val Roche on Nov 15, 2013
      @Centrd I'm not computer literate but I believe the middle picture is even better than What I was looking for I answered this also on the Amazon site . This is the type of structure I was taking about .and yes it will be far cheaper to do it myself [ with help ] I have the commercial sewing machine required . The eye bolt will be perfect . Thanks very much to everyone . may you all have a very happy Christmas and new year without ANY natural disasters
  • Centrd Centrd on Nov 15, 2013
    Not sure I understand the amazon answer reference, but I found the hardware images by doing google searches for "eye screw" and "eye bolt". Maybe you can find what you're looking for doing the same. good luck.
  • Darryl Morrison Darryl Morrison on Oct 28, 2015
    Darryl Morrison Australia Maybe a little late to help Val, but I've just converted an old rotary clothesline into a semi-permanent carport frame. The square becomes the roof component and the 4 curved lengths become the posts. Drilled holes fitted with nuts and bolts secure the "roof" to the curved end of the posts. The hardest part is lifting the old configuration up and away from the heavy centre pole which has the handle attached. The easiest way to imagine it is to think of the existing structure turned upside down.