Needed: A Dog-Friendly Lawn!

A backyard pine-tree removal project has left our lawn all but gone. Admittedly, a lot of what we've called "grass" in the past has been weeds with some grass thrown in. Now, however, we'd like to try to convert this dirt lot into a lawn again. The caveat is this: We have 2 dogs who love to romp up & down the yard, & their claws can do some major aerating. My question is, therefore, what type of grass would stand up to dog fun (once the grass is established), & how would you go about prepping, planting, & protecting it? (For planting/growing/climate purposes, we live in northwest Georgia, just north of Atlanta.) All we've been able to "learn" so far (from the big box store) is that we should have it professionally done, & that the dogs will probably undo whatever we have done. This is quite discouraging, since a professional job is not a financial feasibility, & the dogs are our four-legged children!

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