New homeowner looking for landscape ideas

I am a TRUE beginner. I'd love ideas on landscaping around the bushes (azaleas?).
Also ideas on:
-Edging/mulch around bushes
-Landscape for tiny deck (L shape)
-Ideas for each side of garage
-adding window boxes or is that too much?
-Paint color for shutters
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  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Apr 07, 2014
    Becky, I know there are lots of folks on Hometalk who will have ideas for you, but it would really help if you could post photos so we can see exactly what you're asking for. You'll get the best results if you post each question separately. Make sure you tell us how much sun each area gets so we can make the right recommendations.

  • Pictures will help. Since you are a beginner I would start with easy projects and edging and mulching ideas are dependent upon what budget and likes. Mulch is not only to make a bed look finished but it also keeps moisture in and weeds out (as long as you put down 3" or more) and it also decomposes and will eventually make your soil rich in nutrients. Edging can be done by just cutting an edge and taking the grass out. Depending upon the look you want or area you can use Liriope (Monkey Grass is a common name used) which is green all year and spreads and grows anywhere in any soil and any light and this is a great edging plant for beds. Other edging ideas are bricks or edgers bought at your local home store or garden center. One thing that looks so much more finished if you go with an edger is to bury the edgers at least 1/2 way in the ground. You can also bury the bricks/stones flat and that way you can mow over the edging. Window boxes can really add a 'wow' factor to the front of the home but depending up on the style of your home. they also have to be watered and tended just as any planter and pots in your yard. I have to add since you are a beginner, I would wait to do window boxes until next year after you get your 'feet wet' with some planters and pots on your deck and maybe on the front steps of your home. For a deck, you can plant for privacy and beauty. Before any plant advice can be given, need to know sun or shade, how much room there is, soil type, and even budget. The color of your home to pick a shutter color but black is always a classic with a bright painted front door. for the side of the garage, again, pictures would help and need to know sun or shade, any windows, how large of an area for the plants to grow. There are many plants I can recommend for beginners but I need to know more info. Gardening is a very rewarding hobby or obsession... happy gardening and post some pics

  • April Raymond April Raymond on Apr 07, 2014
    Here,s another tip,, you,ll want to edge around any landscape and flower beds try using the longer cement pieces often found at Lowes or Wal Mart,, then get the curved pieces and make a curving border.also place taller plants in the back and lower growing plants in the front : )