Asked on Apr 04, 2015

Rubbermaid plastic storage shed falling apart

Donald Flack
by Donald Flack
The roof and door slip in connections are falling apart. This model has no metal fasteners similar to later models.
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  • Angel Angel on Apr 05, 2015
    Idk, my mom has one of those too, but so far it's had no problems. I don't know how you could fix something like that.
  • Omniman Omniman on Apr 05, 2015
    U will need yer own screws and wood...may it be ply or areas that need bracing...I would need to see it...hgot a PIC? Maybe someangle iron...IDK yet..
  • Omniman Omniman on Apr 05, 2015
    maybe even nuts and bolts and washers....gotta see it
  • Shawnda Shawnda on Apr 05, 2015
    If they made metal fasteners for later models, try calling Rubbermaid to see if they can send you a set of them
  • Jerry Jerry on Apr 05, 2015
    easy fix cut a piece of rubber hose and slide it in the holes and put a screww through the hose to hold it in place on top of the door.
    • Kathy Kathy on Feb 21, 2021

      Cool - that worked. Not sure I followed your directions exactly, but so far, so good. I drilled a hole in the "peg" of the door and put a big screw in it. Then I took some landscape tubing and put it over the screw and secured it in place to the roof.

  • Kathy Driscoll Kathy Driscoll on Apr 05, 2015
    call the manufacturer. We put cinder blocks either side and them a heavy timber on the roof when ours was failing. a couple years later a friend suggested we could call and get help
  • Elaine Elaine on Apr 05, 2015
    We have a 2 x 4 6 ft tall shed. Our doors, roof & walls came loose and bent a bit by a storm. We had to take the shed apart and put back together however this time we used screws to secure the walls to the floor then roof. The way these are put together it was tricky at times but it worked. Our doors are secure and close tightly. To keep future damage from happening we used watched straps over the top & sides and anchored to the ground.
  • Carl Carl on Sep 21, 2021

    Our Rubber maid storage shed is coming apart on the back left seam and the back left corner roof. We are trying to figure out how to fix it.

  • Laurie Sue BISSELL Laurie Sue BISSELL on Sep 12, 2022

    Just finished assembly of my 7x7 Rubbermaid. Person fall against it and the whole side pot out at seem. How do you fix it without taking shed apart.

  • I would contact Rubbermaid to see if they have replacement parts.