How do I get rid of ants in my home?


How do I stop ants they are coming in from my front door cracks n making a trail along the baseboard to the kitchen n I have 2 dogs n babysit a 14 month old? I bought ant traps but not working what is safe to use or do?

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  • Beth Beth on Apr 24, 2019

    I've had good luck with the liquid gel ant traps. You also want to mop the trail that they seem to be following. Ants mark the way for others to remember how to get back to whatever food source they found. I also had to move my dog's food bowl to another spot in the house because the ants kept finding it. If there's food or crumbs or anything, they'll keep coming back.

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    • Beth Beth on Apr 24, 2019

      Glad I could help! It sounds like you'll have it under control in no time!

  • Jenny Schlueter Jenny Schlueter on Apr 24, 2019

    There are lots of homemade solutions to kill the ants that are more natural. The problem is that they just keep coming. Not sure how to deter their entry.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Apr 24, 2019

    Food grade diatomaceous earth can be spread around exterior, entrances, and baseboards. It's safe for kids and animals. If it gets wet, it's still effective when it dries as long as it doesn't wash away.

  • William William on Apr 24, 2019

    Wipe the ant trails with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water. It will confuse them. With two dogs and a child it's a problem. If you sprinkle Jiffy muffin mix by the doorway and keep the dogs away. Ants will take it back to the nest. They can't digest it and it kills them. Try sealing any cracks with caulk on the outside.

  • Bernadette Bernadette on Apr 24, 2019

    I heard lemon Juice will help. But there is a sticky substance you can buy online not real expensive just put little dabs in the corners of your house where these ants keep coming from. Make sure it is pet and kid friendly.

  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Apr 24, 2019

    You could give this a try.