Homemade bug repellent

What is a good, safe bug repellent against cabbage worms that won't hurt the plant? Used a garlic pepper spray. but leaves see tp be turning yellow.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jul 03, 2016
    Try just using horticultural oil mixed with water.

  • Ranger Ranger on Jul 03, 2016
    The best thing to do is 'Companion Planting' (many books in the library on it). We plant Marigolds and Brassica plants at the same time. Put the Marigolds completely around and amongst your cabbages, broccoli and cauliflowers. The strong scent of the Marigolds confuses the bugs and white butterflies away from your plants. It is an old and much respected type of gardening but loads of people still use it.

  • Nancy Price Alloway Nancy Price Alloway on Jul 03, 2016
    I also use coffee beans as a pretty effective bug deterrent in my garden. They do not like coffee, I used this in Florida and now in Texas. I also have used whole cloves in my kitchen cabinets for years,in our motorhome as well, so that might even work in the garden,though I've never tried it.

  • Vivien McAninch Vivien McAninch on Jul 03, 2016
    I use insecticidal soap. I had the larva and picked them off but after spraying, there are none. The white cabbage loppers still fly around but don't lay eggs.

  • Valerie Johnston Valerie Johnston on Jul 24, 2016
    If you've already tried the companion planting & it isn't working, you should try either/both diatomaceous earth and/or neem oil. I live in Las Vegas and here we have LOTS of issues with gardens. I've used both in my garden for worms of all kinds. You shouldn't spray DE on blossoms but it works great for organic gardening by dehydrating the insects. You can spray on everything BUT the blossoms. Neem oil can be sprayed on everything! I just mixed them this year using the DE solution as the dilution for Neem oil. It's worked great for me so far. Just be sure NOT to spray until the sun is down so you don't burn your leaves. Also, you need to repeat about once a week.

  • Sangita Bhavsar Sangita Bhavsar on Jun 09, 2017
    I have flying bugs in my house, not sure how I got it. They come out more at night when you turn on the lights. How can I kill them?