How can i get red of little tiny ants ?

I live in Florida and I have tiny aunts every where , How can I get rid of them please ?
I tried every thing , I have a toddler in the house .

Thank you,

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  • Lynn Frazel Flaherty Lynn Frazel Flaherty on Oct 19, 2017
    Aunts or ants? Baking powder and baking sode50/50 mix, but if you are really serious - get the house sprayed and you won't have to try and wait and see.

  • Kim Kim on Oct 19, 2017
    Make your own bait! It gets carried back to the nest and kills the queen. Soak a cotton ball in the following solution and place in the middle of the "line" near wear they come in.

    Ant Bait
    1 1/2 Cups warm water
    1 1/2 TBSP Borax
    mix well
    add 1/2 Cup sugar
    mix well
    Store in airtight container

    You need to keep this out of the reach of children & pets as it is toxic. If you need, you can put the cotton ball in a small plastic container with a few ant sized holes drilled in the bottom sides.

    : )

  • Kelly Denoyer Russell Kelly Denoyer Russell on Oct 19, 2017
    Those are sweet ants. Go to a Home Depot or Lowes. Buy Terro. Put it where your seeing the ants. But tuck it away so kid doesn't get into it. Some terri has little tiny holders the ants can get into but most pets and kids cannot. Make sure when you start seeing dead ants LEAVE THEM. Do not clean them up. The other ants will take them back to the nest and eat them and get poisoned too.

  • Bijous Bijous on Oct 19, 2017
    Find the source of the invasion. You may have a damp area around an opening. Caulk well. Make sure there's no dog food/cat food outside or left inside overnight. Good luck.

  • Mary Ramirez Mary Ramirez on Oct 19, 2017
    All of my aunts are tiny. I usually just stop pouring coffee and they go away. LOL!! Seriously, though, tiny ants in the house are probably sugar ants. They are after anything sweet-sugar, honey, fruit, pancake syrup, etc. First thing to do is move all sweet food items to the refrigerator. Next, try to locate their travel route back to the entry point and spray small amount of malathion (Lowes or Home Depot) along the interior baseboard. Note-this stuff STINKS so use it sparingly. And keep your child out of the room until it is dry.) Then, just for good measure, buy some Terro ant buttons and place in the bottom cupboards of your kitchen-I'm sure you already have those cupboards secured against a toddler.

  • Phi29998339 Phi29998339 on Oct 19, 2017
    Put down some ant killer(with borax).That will kill the ant hill.Please don’t kill your aunt!

  • R R on Oct 19, 2017
    They dislike cinnamon. I also use a spray of lavender and citrus oil that seems to work.