How can I get rid of trumpet vine that has become invasive?

and comes up all over my yard including my rose garden?
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  • Casey Casey on May 23, 2017

    I saw a piece on youtube that showed a man cutting "volunteer" tree seedlings growing. He cut them right to the ground and immediately treated the cut with Roundup. I have been doing the same and it works! Try it on your vine's stems.

  • Wanda sinnema Wanda sinnema on May 23, 2017

    Sorry you have to deal with that.. I had one for 1 1/2 yrs.. found it very invasive dug it up.. then again for several years.. was still coming up 7 yrs later when I moved.. I personally think things like that should be labeled INVASIVE.. many states don't allow some plants for that reason,, they kill off local natural plants by taking over..

  • Judy Judy on May 23, 2017

    round up is to be sprayed on greens...not branches and root....the younger the plant the better.

  • Joyce Drumm Joyce Drumm on May 23, 2017

    Go to your local feed store and get a bottle of brush killer and mix it according to directions with water, then spray it on the vine. It will kill the vine but not the grass or flowers that may be around it. You might also find this in some gardening centers. Sorry, it's a chemical but it does work and hopefully, it'll soon wash away. I've used it on a vine in my yard and it killed the plants but not all the roots at first spraying. So you may have spray again as any new plants appear.