How can I get rid of small flies that seem attracted to our new deck?

by Colleen

We had a new Deck installed in our yard a few weeks ago, and now when ever I go out I my yard especially in the Early Morning or late Afternoon I see all these Fly's sitting on the Railing or Posts. Note this is a Maintenance Free Deck that we had installed to replace an old wooden one that was starting to go in several places. We did not have all these Fly's around when we had the old wooden deck. We have a dog and I do not want to spray the yard with any chemicals since she does chew the grass a lot and I do not want her to get sick. These Fly's are very annoying they even land on me and some seem to bite as well. I already cleaned the deck railing and I still have these little Fly's around. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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