How can I keep my neighbors grass clippings out of my mulched garden?

by Dda25630930
I don't want to put up a fence because I really like them. I have tried talking to them but the husband has issues. I feel really bad, but we worked hard to rid the weeds and spread the mulch.

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  • Thelma Thelma on Aug 06, 2017

    An old saying is: A good fence makes the best neighbors. Besides, a fence is a 'must' around most gardens just to keep all the cats, dogs, rabbits, rock chucks, etc., out of the garden. I grow lots of veggies, fruit, etc. every year, give lots of it to my neighbors, and they all know that if I have to spend lots of time weeding, I'll cut down on the size of my garden and thus they'll get cut down (possibly cut out completely) on the amount of fresh produce they'll receive. I'm 71 years old and I'd say the "husband's issues" have already told you what to do. Note: In most states, if a fence is built on the property line, both property owners must share equally in the cost of building it. Maybe suggesting this will cause the husband to make sure he piles his 'trash cuttings' elsewhere. Better still, just make a large compost pile where his trash is on your property and then take advantage of the extra compost for your garden next year!

  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Aug 06, 2017

    Making enemies of neighbors is so miserable for everyone. So, I would just use a leaf blower after he mows to blow the grass clippings away.

  • KattywhampusLOL KattywhampusLOL on Aug 06, 2017

    Ddare164, Good Morning, and I'm sorry to hear we "share the same neighbors" ... I have non-cooperative neighbors too :( It's tough to deal with, but you may just have to put up a fence; not a tall privacy one, but maybe just waist high to keep heir grass clippings out of your area. The husband does not want to respect you by disregarding your request, so do not feel badly about doing what YOU need to do for YOUR area (you aren't disrespecting him by letting weed killer get to his grass, right?) Sighhhh ... From what you say it isn't his wife who you are dealing with as much as it is him. Of course, he can't control the wind from blowing his grass clippings onto your area ... perhaps a better solution might be a raised garden bed which his clippings can't reach, but you still don't have a fence up either ;) Well good luck. Thanks for coming to Hometalk to try to find a 'neighborly' solution ;)

  • WAYNE WAYNE on Aug 06, 2017



  • Barb Barb on Aug 06, 2017

    It sounds like he's not willing to consider all your hard work and having a neighbor who loves to garden , so in order to try and keep the peace because we pick our house and have to accept our neighbors. I would put up a fence and if they ask after you discussed that problem say oh I'm getting a dog from a family member and leave it at that and after the fence goes up and if they ask about that dog.. dang they changed there mines and problem solved and enjoy your yard🌹🌻🌷