How do I get rid of small flying moths?

Was gone for two months, when I returned a house full of flying small flying moths. Have tried everything except bomb.

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  • Marg Seregelyi Marg Seregelyi on Jul 31, 2017
    try fly sticky paper

    • Sue Sue on Jul 31, 2017
      I have been using fly sticky paper. Every morning it is full of moths, Thank You

  • Gle27412608 Gle27412608 on Jul 31, 2017
    They're probably Indian Meal moths. Look for the source. Old cereal, grains spilled dog food, nuts, flour, oatmeal. Remove anything that's been there a while and don't cook with any of these either. Once you've gotten rid of the source.. problem solved. Their life cycle is short.

  • Allison Allison on Jul 31, 2017
    I'm just guessing here. If you have grain moths, there are traps for them. When you buy flour, corn meal or oats it's a good idea to set them in the freezer for a day or two to kill any eggs that may be in them. Then place them in air tight containers or zip lock bags. Terro and Safer make the traps to get rid of them quickly if they are freaking you out, but without the grains available they will just die off on their own.

  • Suellen Hintz Suellen Hintz on Jul 31, 2017
    aerosol bug spray.

  • Ginny Ginny on Jul 31, 2017
    Could they be from flour and sugar. Buy the old fashioned sticky things you hand from the door frame....they work.

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Sep 17, 2020

    Ooops, so sorry to hear that. We had an infestation of them last year. So frustrating and had to throw everything that wasn’t canned or in a sealed container out and completely clean and wipe every surface. We also bought sticky moth traps. Apparently, they have some kind of pheromone inside that attracts the moths and then they get stuck. We’ve also hung bay leaves in our pantry (my Mom’s advice) and that seems to work. They haven’t been back this year.

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    • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Sep 18, 2020

      Oh noooooo. They sounds like moths from hell and the worst is getting rid of the food every time. I wonder Sue, do you know if your neighbours are struggling too, or is it only at your home?

  • Nicole Sevillano Nicole Sevillano on Apr 22, 2021

    Put hotdogs or bologna and syrup in a cup. Cover the top wit foil and poke holes big enough for the flies / moths. This works fast! For some reason the pests are attracted to this combo and they go in the cup and can’t get out. Problem solved

  • Janice Janice on Apr 22, 2021

    Fill your sink half full of warm water and add a squirt of liquid dishwashing soap and agitate so there are suds on the surface. Leave overnight and in the a.m. many moths will have been attracted to the sink. It may take a few nights of this to get rid of all the moths currently in your home, but it works!