How do I get rid of wire grass?

by Dana

I have tried everythi g to get rid of wire grass but it has very strong roots that invade my flower beds and are al.ost impossible to pull out or kill. Help!

  2 answers
  • Rebecca Taylor Rebecca Taylor on Sep 11, 2018

    Hello, I found this answer on Better Homes and Gardens. herbicide fluazifop, which is sold in garden centers as "selective grass killer" or "grassy weed control." It selectively kills grasses but leaves most ornamentals alone. You'll see a long list of plants that are and aren't harmed by it on the product's label, so be sure to read it carefully and follow all directions. It's available in ready-to-use spray bottles.

  • Elaine Elaine on Sep 11, 2018

    You’ll need an herbicide for Bermuda grass or Johnson grass, I don’t think the label will say wire grass. If it’s close to your bushes, you may need to get a garden fork and dig it up. As you know, get every little bit. Then put a good edge between the lawn and the beds. And don’t use landscape cloth, it just grows underneath and comes up at the staples. I use glysophate which is round-up but I get it cheaper at our local hardware store under the name Hi-Yield Killzall. Don’t use glysophate in a spray near anything you want to keep. I also use a piece of cardboard to protect plants from over spray and I did the paint brush in the beginning. Now I can usually dig up the stray piece that comes up. I would kill the entire lawn, but our neighbor let the Bermuda take over and it took over our yard as well. So now I just work with it.