How to stop a Pomeranian puppy from digging and eating in the ground?

Tina Krenz
by Tina Krenz
I have a Pomeranian puppy who likes to dig deep in the ground and eat whatever is in the dirt. I've tried several things to stop him, but to no avail. Is there a safe solution I can use to discourage this behavior? I don't know what he's trying to get at in the ground.
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  • Stephanie Stephanie on Jan 12, 2015
    He could just be bored. Does he do it after exercise? Some dogs just like to dig. Can you give him a designated dig spot so at least he's not digging all over the yard? I've seen some people do like a sand box, then hide treats in it to encourage the digging to happen there.
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    • Tina Krenz Tina Krenz on Jan 12, 2015
      @Stephanie He's not bored, he just goes out and that's the first thing he looks forward to doing. I take out certain toys to play with him to discourage with and he keeps his mind busy for a few minutes, but he's like a two yr. old child, wanting to keep going right back to it after you tell them no. There are times that he won't do it though, but that's not very often.
  • Shari Shari on Jan 12, 2015
    Unfortunately, I do not have a solution for you but instead, a cautionary tale. My daughter had an older German Shepherd (rescue) who, as it turns out, had a propensity for eating dirt. Sadly, he ended up eating more than he could pass, got an intestinal blockage and had to be euthanized because she/we could not afford the $5,000 surgery. We were absolutely heartbroken but there was just no other option as only a few months before, we had spent $5,000 on blockage surgery for another German Shepherd who ingested strings from a rope chew toy. Obviously, talk to your vet but if no immediate reason or solution is found, I would suggest you not allow the pup outside, unattended. Hopefully, in time, with supervision and redirection, he will outgrow it but if it becomes a habit and it is allowed to continue, I'd hate for you to have to face the same awful decision (and the associated guilt) that we had to make. Good luck.
  • Lee Cunningham Green Lee Cunningham Green on Jan 12, 2015
    There is anothe possibility, he may be lacking something in his diet. Terriers do dig and while he is a little guy he still has the desire to dig, but he may be trying to get something in his diet he is not getting. I would talk to the vet about it, digging is normal but eating what ever they discover is not a good idea. A dog can ingest something as big as his mouth will open, which is a huge object, I worked in a vet ER. for 5 years and saw many many dogs that ate rocks, shirts, all kinds of laundry a cell phone, you get the idea. As a matter of fact a pomeranian ate change lots of it, it was terrible he had to have surgery and needed extensive care because he was literally poisoning himself with metals that occour in money. Just a heads up. Walk him on a leash, don't let him eat dirt and take him to the vet.
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    • Tina Krenz Tina Krenz on Jan 15, 2015
      @Lee Cunningham Green He's not a Terrier, he's a Pomeranian.
  • Lee Cunningham Green Lee Cunningham Green on Jan 12, 2015
    Well there is still the nature of the dog. He discovered the joy of digging and eating bad things so, to avoid problems the best thing to do is stay with him when he goes potty and discourage the behavior. you don't want a zipper doggie. Do other animals use the same areas? He could be going after feces, which is gross but little dogs love stinky stuff. and you don't want him to go where someone else has pottied for lots of reasons but eating poop is way up on the list of no no's . How old was he when you got him? Is he still a pup? because he simply could be acting like a goofy puppy, you just don't want him to get hurt in the process.
    • Tina Krenz Tina Krenz on Jan 13, 2015
      @Lee Cunningham Green Yes, he's still a puppy, only 6 1/2 months old, and he doesn't bother with poop from the other dogs. I just don't know why he's doing this and if he will stop. I don't want a bunch a holes in the yard. He's such a cutie and he is goofy. Here's a goofy picture of him when it was cold and he was wearing his rain coat.
  • Leah Digges Leah Digges on Jan 14, 2015
    Cayenne Pepper. Wherever he digs, sprinkle a generous amount of the cp in the hole and leave it for a few days before filling in the hole. Repeat as necessary if he digs another hole.
  • Beau Heau Beau Heau on Jan 14, 2015
    We have 4-diggers, I swear, I should have called them all Digger-the-Dog. :) They are all eating 5-star foods according to They like to eat bunny turds, and once in awhile their own pooh. The main reason ours like to dig is because they are after the shrews that follow the old (cut-down) tree roots. Dirt clods seem to be just as big as of a hit as a downed tree branch. When they started digging up by my foundation, it worked! Now for the rest of my yard!
  • Lee Cunningham Green Lee Cunningham Green on Jan 15, 2015
    Dogs dig, it is the eating that is a concern. But seems the Cayenne Pepper is a fun cure, a little tickle on the snout might discourage at least the eating part.
    • Tina Krenz Tina Krenz on Jan 15, 2015
      @Lee Cunningham Green I will try this, and hopefully it won't hurt him, he's so stubborn about everything else I've tried so far like that.
  • Lee Cunningham Green Lee Cunningham Green on Jan 15, 2015
    I am aware of that, he is a small, very small dog, that was what I meant by terrier, the smaller breeds of dogs, that is all. I did not mean to insult him in anyway at all. I love all dogs and all the breeds. To me it sounds like he is a happy little guy, I only warned about ingesting bad things because i have seen dogs including tiny ones like Yorkshire Terriers and Pomeranians eat very bad things and have to have emergency surgery. You may have moles in your yard my dog seems to be able to find them easily, he is a large shepard mix and stomps the poor little things when he gets them. I am grateful he does not eat them. However my other dog a Westie mix, will eat any weird thing she can if she gets the chance. Good luck with him, hopefully he will train out of it, at least the eating part.
    • Tina Krenz Tina Krenz on Jan 15, 2015
      @Lee Cunningham Green I thought you knew that, just didn't sound right to me, that's all. Sorry.
  • Lee Cunningham Green Lee Cunningham Green on Jan 15, 2015
    @Tina Krenz in truth, as a person that worked at a vet as long as I did, I just was never fond of calling a dog a toy breed.. LOL, because they are not toys, they are real animals that require love and attention. and much like a Yorkshire Terrier Pomeranians are similar in size and disposition, they love to play, and be silly, they can bark allot at times they are quick to notice changes in the invironment, they are very loyal to their human. They enjoy affection and they even live to be about the same age. These two breeds while different have a great deal in common. I just don't think toy is a good discriptor for a dog. I also don't call female dogs B.. because I think especially breeders should be calling their females that produce pups for them, for sale and show should be called Queens. The should hold a higher standing than the B. word inplies in modern language. That of course is truly my opinion as a lover of all creatures two and four legged..