How do I landscape in area infested with deer?

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  • Peggy L Burnette Peggy L Burnette on Jan 14, 2019

    Hi Barb, sorry you are dealing with deer eating everything in your landscape. They are beautiful creatures to watch, yet you want a beautiful yard. Here are some plants that repel deer and I hope this will help you. How to Landscape Your Yard with Deer-Resistant Plants | Today's ...


    The Deer-Proof Garden. It’s important to remember that unless you build a very tall fence, there is no such thing as a deer-proof garden. ... If you’re planting a new border or garden, start with heavily scented and deer-resistant plants on the outside perimeter.

  • Renee Renee on Jan 14, 2019

    Plant some Marigold flowers! They hate marigold flowers!

  • Gloria Gloria on Jan 15, 2019

    Deer will eat anything. There is a bush called "flying dragon". Grows about 6 feet tall, 3 feet wide and has thick thorns ranging to about an inch to and inch and a half. Noses will definitely be pricked and maybe prevent further exploration. The top of this plant shows some of the thorns.

  • Lorraine Lorraine on Jan 17, 2019

    Pintrest has lists on deer proof plants. You could also try blood meal to sprinkle around. And I heard soap in pantyhose works. Not sure which soap though.

    • Lizbeth Lizbeth on Jan 17, 2019

      Supposedly it's Irish Spring. But if deer are really hungry...

  • Lorraine Lorraine on Jan 17, 2019

    Lisbeth, yes if they are hungry they’ll probably try most anything.

    perhaps if people live where drought, fire... they could take hay,rotten apples ...from yards out away from homes they may stay away.

  • Oliva Oliva on Jan 17, 2019

    If you're prepared to diligently spray Liquid Fence Concentrate or similar mix of putrescent eggs, garlic, cayenne pepper) on all leaf surfaces and branches, your landscaping will survive. It doesn't hurt to cut very large pieces of netting which you can suspend over younger plants during the winters, securing them to stakes with twist ties.

    Deer avoid artemesia, daffodils, Euphorbia, castor bean plant, chives, allium, iris, dahlias, rosemary, lemon thyme, lemon balm, Dianthus, sage, gladiolas, mints, marigolds, lavender.

    They love roses, tulips, phlox, hydrangeas, day lilies, euonymous, hen and chicks, Nine Bark, etc. Be prepared to spray day lilies and tulips, daily...due to new growth.

    Check with a nursery expert or master gardener in your area for best advice.

  • Barb Barb on Jan 18, 2019

    Thanks for the suggestions. I see where I and the deer have something in common, we both like the same plants!