Asked on May 02, 2017

Whats the best way to keep bees off your fruit trees? Neem oil?

by Carol
Neem oil is the best way to keep bee's off your fruit trees, You must
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  • Candace Candace on May 02, 2017

    Just to step out on a limb here.....may I ask why would you WANT to keep bees off your fruit trees? Without them pollinating, you won't get any fruit. they won't harm your fruit at maturity, but birds certainly will. If you tie reflective tape or ribbon with long enough tails on each end to flutter with the wind, it will help. Also, putting an owl decoy amongst the branches will also deter The rascals.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 02, 2017

    Seriously ,fruit trees need pollination.No bees no fruit

  • Mindy Mindy on May 02, 2017

    Yikes! Bees pollinate your fruit. You do not want to harm them.

  • Gardengraz Gardengraz on May 03, 2017

    Agreewith above comments.

  • Rosie Rosie on May 03, 2017

    Not sure the author is talking about pollinators. We have yellowjackets and wasps that eat our plums, pears and apples. Perhaps author is trying to keep those pesky out of her fruit.

    • Carol Carol on May 20, 2018

      yes yellow jackets my tree is at fell bloom

      thanks to the bees for pollinatio. But now yellow jackets are starting to eat the fruit.


  • Meli Meli on May 03, 2017

    Navymom, please describe the look of the "bees". You sure want bees to pollinate your fruit trees, but maybe you are talking about wasps that eat your fruit ?

  • Scg22178373 Scg22178373 on May 14, 2017

    neem oil to keep beatles off fig tree

  • Candace Candace on May 20, 2018

    Not bees then. Those are wasps!

  • Mark Mark on Oct 07, 2019

    Seriously how many people on here have had a fruit tree. Yes we like bees to pollinate we don't want to kill them, except maybe the yellow jackets, but once the fruit begins the bees start devoring the fruit. Yellow jackets mainly. Its a good question to ask, I have had nearly a whole crop destroyed by bees, they bore a hole into the apple and just keep going.

  • Brent Brent on Aug 26, 2022

    Everyone I know that has apples has the same problem, most of them just have a lot more apples than I do. I'm so frustrated with watering and spraying all year, and as soon as I stop spraying in preparation for harvesting, the bees are already having their way with my apples!