Please help me get rid of chipmunks!They burrow under my porch steps!

My porch steps are breaking away from the foundation because of the chipmunk tunneling.
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  • Bets Bets on May 22, 2017
    get a save a heart trap, once caught take them to a park and set them free. We catch about 30-40 each year. You can put peanut butter in the trap but you do not need to, they go in anyway.

  • Dan N Teri McGregor Dan N Teri McGregor on May 22, 2017
    I used a whole package of warfarin[mouse/rat poison] and mixed it with about half a cup of peanut butter, spread it out on a frizbee[old pie plate is ok but edges too high]...and slide in under the steps if you can.[a margerine lid or something smaller if that is all that will fit]. Repeat in one week if they are still there. Once gone, moth balls will help keep them out.