How to stop deer and squirrels from eating apples from my tree

I have an apple tree in my yard that is being decimated by deer at the bottom and squirrels at the top. Does anyone have any advice to stop either of these? Looks like I might only get about four apples this year. Sadness.
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  • Linda Curtis Linda Curtis on Jul 16, 2016
    I have had a problem with deer in my rose garden for the past few years. One thing I found that worked was when I was trimming the bushes, rather than throwing the trimmings in the compost, I would take the really thorny stems and lay them next the the tips of the new growth coming through that the deer love so much. This actually works but takes a lot of time to upkeep it after windstorms etc. This year I happened to have an old mirror that I was going to repaint the frame on while outdoors. Something inspired me to lay the mirror down on its side laying lightly on the bottom stems of the most popular "deer roses" and lo and behold I haven't had a problem with deer since, and have loads of lovely fragrant roses this year. I think what is happening is that when the deer walk up to the garden they see their reflection in the mirror, they get startled and go away. I don't have a picture right now, but I will take an upload one later so you can see. It's at least worth a try and doesn't cost a penny. I hope this helps.

  • Nancy Surrett Nancy Surrett on Jul 16, 2016
    Use human hair anywhere you don't want deer to go. It works for my Hosta plants previously eaten by the deer. I got mine at Great Clips.

  • Georgette J Chapek Georgette J Chapek on Jul 16, 2016
    I have used pvc pipes as hoops to cover my raised beds and then netting. So far no birds and squirrels have invaded. The fruit trees are also covered with netting. The one tree, I can't cover is hopeless.

  • Suzette Trimmer Suzette Trimmer on Jul 16, 2016
    I agree 100 % with Nancy above, the answer you seek is....HUMAN HAIR! Period. It's free and it works better then anything I have ever tried. And believe you me I have tried everything. An old wise farmer told me this, I had nothing to lose but more apple trees so went into town asked all the stylist salons if at the end of the day, could they simply leave all the days' swept up cut hair be put out back and I go around and collect hair trash. Then almost everyday I apply new handfuls around where they might wonder and eat my garden. It works so well that once this catches on all the so called Products to deter deer will no longer be worth buying when there free human hair going into the trash. Even if your town only has a chain hair salon who would care about the hair cut off fallen to the floor? Go Get it , try it and lets us here know how it works for you, or for some reason it did not for you. We all love hearing back as to whether our suggestions actually work for others like they did or do for those who answer. Best of Luck!!!

  • Bsc7370818 Bsc7370818 on Jul 16, 2016
    In Mn we use Deer Stopper to spray around the base and the outer edges of our apple trees where there are no apples. The deer walk up to the tree, smell the tree, and leave. We bought it at Menards.

  • Bhicks740 Bhicks740 on Jul 16, 2016
    i punch a hole in a bar of soap and tie it on the trees works great for me. simple and easy. Recently my sister gave me some netting and i made a little bag by gathering it around the soap and putting a string on it and tying it on the trees.

  • Josh Joslin Josh Joslin on Jul 16, 2016
    Spread Milorganite around the base of your tree. Deer do not like the smell. For rabbits, I have no clue.

  • Solange Boucher Solange Boucher on Jul 17, 2016
    I make small bag with screen fill them with Irish spring soap and tie them to the boton branches about 4 bags for each tree, it works they do not touch my apples trees.

  • Jeff Ryan Jeff Ryan on Jul 18, 2016
    We live in the foothills of the Allegany Mountains, some of the densest deer population area in the country. We use Deer Repellent Packs. They are the easiest way to keep deep away from our landscaping and trees. We also like the fact that they are all-natural. They have much more information on their website: