How to get rid of Trumpet Vine?

by Bink
My friend dug two feet down to kill her trumpet vine and poured liquid vegetation killer in the hole per our garden center. It has been a year and still she keeps getting new stems that cover her garden! Each one that gets cut out gets the poison treatment. It dies but three to eighit more come back! How can she possibly get rid of this vine. She is out there continuall digging and poisoning. HELP!!!

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  • Allison Allison on Jun 24, 2017

    Spraying after cutting is not the way to go. Spray on a sunny day and let the poison do it's job. It must be absorbed down to the roots, so the more foliage, the better.

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Jun 24, 2017

    Wow, this is quite an invasive vine! She's pretty much doing the right thing, but I read where instead of digging all of the new ones up, it works to cut them off a ground level then spray that cut area heavily with Round-Up . The article specifically states Round-Up so I would say don't try another brand of weed killer. The problem is that you have to stay on top of it - often for months or more, but eventually it will work. The article also said - as a more organic solution - boiling water will work in the same way. Cut at ground level, pour boiling water on the cut as well as for 3 ft around the plant. This will also take a long time to work and once again, you have to stay on top of it. From what I can figure out as you kill them younger and younger, you are taking their energy so they have less time to grow and eventually they will die.

    Good luck. :)

  • Bobbie Bobbie on Jun 24, 2017

    Vines are often invasive and can be especially difficult to kill. ... Trumpet vines are invasive and can be difficult to kill off.....

  • Elizabeth Dion Elizabeth Dion on Jun 24, 2017

    Dig down to expose the root system and pour boiling water mixed with salt on them. Worked for me!

  • KattywhampusLOL KattywhampusLOL on Jun 24, 2017

    She might have to move her garden so she g watedoesn't kill it but I wisay BOIL THEM! Cut'em back to the ground then takes large pots of BOILING water (being careful not to scald yourself) and pour that over the area where you have cut them back. Saturate the ground with boiling water where you cut them down and the boiling water WILL kill the roots. Do this 2 days in a row (it may take you several trips each day to cover the area where they are growing) then wait for a week and repeat it one more time. That should do the trick. I had to do this with a large stand of poison ivy that had been growing for years along a privacy fence on a neighbor's property the we recently purchased. I want to grow flowering bushes there but NOT among the poison ivy, so I boiled the roots as instructed by a very aged uncle who used to be a professional landscaper. Hope it helps :) Good Luck