Asked on Sep 16, 2017

What product gets rid of clover with little yellow flowers?

by Karen

I've already tried Scott's Turf Builder w/weed killer, Ortho's Weed-B-Gone, and Bayer's Weed Killer. It usually looks like it's dying and then pops back up stronger than everšŸ™ Any tips on how to get rid of clover in lawn?

what product gets rid of clover with little yellow flowers
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  • Alyssa Alyssa on Sep 16, 2017
    It looks like some variety of oxalis (woodsorrel), though a close-up would help. It's an invasive plant and hard to control. There's a very detailed guide to managing it here:

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Sep 16, 2017
    I would use a good weed and feed in the spring to fight it right from the start to lessen what will germinate. You may also check with a local garden store to see if they know any other ways to get rid of that particular weed. Can't tell what it is as you really can't see the leaves close up.

  • Susan Susan on Sep 16, 2017
    oxalis doesn't look like that (to me) and I encourage OXALIS! OMG it's a great border plant and easy to just MOW over.

  • Touchedpainter Touchedpainter on Sep 16, 2017
    That is not clover.
    Go to your closest garden center or grain store (NOT box store like home depot,Lowes)... only a real garden center/grain store) bring a sample of the plant & they will have the best procedure for your particular area & soil. With out seeing it no-one could possibly give good recommendations. Also, the best source is your State's Co-operative Extension, which is always an extension of your state's University System. The State's Co-operative Extension is always the best place for any farming be it animal, gardening, forestry, even an African violet on the window sill. They will also test your dirt for a small fee/or free, to let you know what you need to amend nutritionally for the type of plant going in. Just Google your state's University to email or call to talk to someone. If the University is far away they will recommend Master Gardeners in your area who will advise you for free. It is what they are there for, but it is more than worth it to plan a road trip to see your state's facilities.

  • Judy Judy on Sep 16, 2017
    Those are Butterfly Blossoms, the only other item you can use, is dove, amonia, and roman cleasor, and you would spray this solution on this plant in the morning, after the dew lifts, and it will cure it. Just make sure you want to get rid of it, for the birds use this, flower. J.

  • Marsharp Marsharp on Sep 16, 2017
    This is a creeping ground cover, get a good spray specifically for creeping Charlie, it will kill any creeping plant but also what's around it.....unfortunately you have to spray it every 5-7 weeks to keep under's very very invasive