Any ideas for my patio?


I have a small patio and on the side there's soil. I would like to do something there. I'm in New England so I wanted to use plants that can come back after winter. I appreciate your help. Thank you.

q any ideas for my patio
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  • Doris Doris on Jul 14, 2018
    So you're looking for perennials. Go to a garden centre and find out what's native to your area for perennials. You'll need to know what zone you're in (see this link to make sure the plants you choose are going to survive the winters. Native plants are going to be the hardiest, but you may have a bit of a micro-climate in your own yard that would allow for other plants not native, but still able to grow in your area. Choose colours you like for the blossoms and make sure you read the tags to see if the plants you choose are good for the direction your yard faces (e.g. is it shaded all day, full sun, just afternoon shade). This will help to make sure whatever you choose will do well with little maintenance. I like to mulch with cedar as well just so that the weeds are kept down, but that's personal preference. Lots of mulch choices out there if you choose to go that route. It would be cute to have some large urn planters on your patio with some annuals that you could change out each spring. Lots of good information on the internet for mixing plants in planters.

    Good luck!

  • C C on Jul 15, 2018

    Hostas are always good and then you can plant a few ferns behind them and some color in-between. The ferns and the Hostas will come back and grow larger every year and require no maintenance.

  • C C on Jul 15, 2018

    Personally, I like vines like Clematis that will return every year and grow along your fence to give you a field of green & color. The picture shows an outside stairway that I used white Clematis on.

  • Alradborn Alradborn on Jul 15, 2018
    A couple of things I noticed was I think a ball and algae on fence. If you have children and they use this area, then I'd use a lot of annuals instead. Before planting I would address the algae by power washing or oxi-clean. If you don't it will keep spreading. I think pillar type evergreens, planted near corners (slow growing) will give a nice display in winter time. Just be sure whatever you plant, they will grow so keep in mind how close they will grow to fence and over border.

    • Cyb18874651 Cyb18874651 on Jul 25, 2018
      Thank you very much. These are very helpful tips. I don't have a power washer yet but I will try the oxi-clean.