Asked on Feb 07, 2016

Back screened porch needs floor support plus gutter rerouting.

Nancy Rhodes C
by Nancy Rhodes C
My porch was once a deck 18X20. The contractor said that it was adequate for what he proposed to do. I have paid $700 since construction to have new supports cemented into ground on the far side not showing on the pic and for tubing to run under porch from downspout on that side to drain along with the gutter on this near perfect side that you can see. Downspout on the far side was flooding and washing out the land around a small back door porch on that far side so I came up with the idea of the tubing. Does anyone have a better idea and what should it cost?
Inside of deck shown is perfect on this near side that you can see on both pics. The small deck and door really get flooded when it rains for lack of roof overhang. So here I have two problems -- sagging floor, and water forming a pool on the near side and at the door when it rains. I thought of an awning at the door but it would cost $2000. I have looked for an old aluminum awning but can't find one. sigh.
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  • Dfm Dfm on Feb 08, 2016
    the awing thing i might be able to help you with. I was looking for an awing for my back patio....stumbled across a pvc inscrutable. correct sized tarp, pvc pipe (plumbing department) figure out how large the "roof" needs to be. cut pipe w/ jig saw, attach the correct size 3 way fitting. attach legs- making the front - facing furthest from the door just a bit shorter so rain runs off. the tarp should have grommets that you can use either bungee cords or rope to attach to piping frame. the down spouts......water from gutters needs to be discharged at least 10 feet from your foundation. there are gutter extenders in my area for 6-7 $. fix the dirt around your foundation. water can't run up hill w/o help. check w/ building codes in your area....there is supposed to be so many inches away from building the land should fall x inches. if you are at the bottom of a hill, toward the hi side of the hill side should be a swale...small shallow holding pond if you would. again building code should tell you how far from the building to put it, and how deep and what dimensions it should be. rain barrel anyone? not so hard to make. collect water from down spouts, have the hose on the barrel direct overflow to storm drain. plants and landscaping won't get chlorinated water.
  • Dfm Dfm on Feb 08, 2016
    hope these help
  • Deborah M Deborah M on Feb 09, 2016
    Not really getting a good visual of the overall problem from the angles of the photo's, so without knowing the flow of the of the landscaping, I'll make an educated guess. Anytime you have water pooling around, and/or under the exterior of a building, it's a landscaping issue. Proper drainage is essential. *see video The areas that are collecting water need to be raised with fill dirt. Areas under the decking, ideally should be covered with a waterproof membrane then covered with chat rock. Also, make sure to seal exposed decking with a water sealer, and instead of an awning you may want to consider covering the deck with a "Indoor/Outdoor Waterhog Mat". Google for places of purchase.
  • Darla Darla on Feb 10, 2016
    If water is flooding your deck, your gutters are clogged or inadequate. Get the gutters cleared and see if that helps, first. The water should not be pooling.
  • Nancy Rhodes C Nancy Rhodes C on Feb 16, 2016
    The answers gave me a clearer picture of what I am up against but It will take more time for me to thoroughly grasp it all but little by little I will get it. And I will get it right. Thanks. I love it.
  • Asso Asso on Feb 23, 2016
    thanx, but very little about how to build a porch roof, check here
  • Sharon Sharon on May 02, 2018

    I would just get one of these polycarbonate awnings for over the door ..... inexpensive and easy to install....

    Then for your drainage of downspout from gutter, I would do a buried french drain.... you can add a catch basin if you have lots of water Here in Oregon we have these cause of the extreme rainy weather..... they just drain out into the yard but underground, you can install a pop up drain at the end or a catch basin if you get lots of pooling water

    As to deck not having enough support you could add an additional treated lumber support under the deck with a couple metal joist hangers, and possibly a couple concrete piers you can get at home depot.