Concrete path question

I have a concrete path in slabs which haS moved over the years. Can it be lifted up (crow bars?) , levelled and resanded, then slabs put back down? Most slabs are not broken.
q concrete path
q concrete path
q concrete path
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  • C C on Apr 24, 2018
    Yes it can

  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown Holly Kinchlea-Brown on Apr 24, 2018
    Yes, you can move the slabs if you have the strenghth to do so without breaking them....I would try it,

  • Landsharkinnc Landsharkinnc on Apr 24, 2018
    Yes, but will be very labor intensive, and the slabs may crack/break if they are very old. Good luck!

  • Connie Quine Connie Quine on Apr 25, 2018
    Yes, and as far as lifting them goes, try digging an amount of soil out from under one side, and get a hydralic jack under it to lift the weight of the slab. It will save your back! Work slowly to ensure your slab doesn't break as you lift it with the jack. Once you have it lifted a fair amount, you can dig under it, and refill with sand and rock to get it back to where you want. Good luck!

  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Apr 25, 2018
    First you have to decide why the slabs have raised up or sunk. Is it just erosion or is it roots from near by trees? You have to take care of the problem first, then deal with the cement. I also see a structure next to the walkway, make sure the slabs has a slight tilt away from the building wall when you reinstall it. You don't want water running toward the structure.

  • Rod8033982 Rod8033982 on Apr 25, 2018
    how thick is the slab ,it is possible however lifting slab could break the slab plus on lifting could cause a void further down