Do you have to put sand under pavers for a side walk

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  • V Smith V Smith on Jul 14, 2018
    You should put something down that can be compacted. Putting in a layer of sand and then compacting it creates a firmer, even base that water will run through. It make it less likely that your pavers will move.

  • Adam Corder Adam Corder on Jul 14, 2018
    YES, to provide a base for the pavers to set onto and bind them into place evenly so the do not shift! BUT MAKE CERTAIN NOT TO USE SANDBOX SAND! You WANT TO USE either the construction sand/masonry sand that is meant to be used with mixing concrete OR get the SPECIFIC PAVER SAND, they have larger particles and a mixture in them that allow them to hold and bind together. Unlike sandbox sand which is finer and processed so it does not bind together with itself. You dig out and even up the area, be sure to allow for drainage AWAY from you house/structure foundation, and dig deep enough to allow for at least 3-4” for your gavel layer and about 1-2” for the sand layer. The sand layer is the layer you’ll even out and when you place your pavers the sand layer will be what helps to hold and bond them into place as well as the sand layer will hekp with drainage and overtime will harden and bind the pavers into place more securely.

  • Wanda Proctor Wanda Proctor on Jul 18, 2018

    Thanks for information I going to use path maker mold