Asked on Apr 29, 2015

Filling the space between the floorboards on a deck

We have an acquaintance that needs to close or fill in the gap between the boards on their deck floor, this must be done from the topside as we can not gain access to the underneath side (less than 10" of clearance) they are screening the deck and want to eliminate insects from coming up through those gaps between the boards. Please submit a easy, tried and proven solution.
Thank You
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  • Alice Shockley Alice Shockley on Apr 30, 2015
    Can't imagine "filling in" but they could simply put a layer over the whole thing...for instance some type of plywood, or flooring planks running at right angles to the original boards.
  • Moe N Peggysue Pardike Moe N Peggysue Pardike on Apr 30, 2015
    Keep in mind, rain, snow and dirt need to be able to get through, filling in completely is not a good idea.
  • Betty Miller Betty Miller on Apr 30, 2015
    As Moe said gaps are for drainage. Unless you are putting a roof over it you need to leave the gaps. An outdoor carpet would still allow the drainage. I really don't think you would get insects coming thru the gaps.
  • Theresa Shaut Theresa Shaut on May 01, 2015
    That light outdoor "carpet" should do the trick, (comes in many colors). Even if it's covered you should leave the gaps for expansion of the wood.
  • Bill Bill on Nov 02, 2021

    You can get 3/8 inch polyfoam backer rod and push it down between the cracks. This will prevent bugs, leaves, seed pods, etc. from going through the cracks. This will also prevent water drainage, but you should be ok if the deck slopes enough for the water to run off the end. Try it, and if it doesn't work, you can easily remove it.