How can I insulate a wooden deck that had a sunroom built over the top

deck is open to weather underneath from the outside but the sunroom was built right ontop- any ideas on the cheapest easiest way to close it off from the cold air so I can put down peel n stick flooring or a carpet

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  • Mogie Mogie on Jan 07, 2018
    One of the easiest ways is to enclose it. Put sides around the open part. Some type of skirting to close off the open area. Some people put a water proof barrier under the deck too in order to keep weeds under control.

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Jan 07, 2018
    Hi Laura,
    Below are a couple of links you can click on to learn what you can do. Also since your floor isn't insulate, the walls may be the same. You may need to do that as well. Wishing you the best with this project.

  • Margaret Margaret on Jan 07, 2018
    there is insulated sub flooring. check Home Depot and use vinyl, not peel and stick

  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Jan 07, 2018
    You have to create a vapor barrier underneath before insulating it, so that moisture does not get trapped under the floor and create mold. There are moisture barrier rolls that you can purchase, then put in your insulation and close up the area underneath.

  • V Smith V Smith on Jan 07, 2018
    I have a sun room built the same way. We have the floor insulated with fiberglass from below and then white vinyl siding (the type you would see on the underside of the eves) covering it. As long as no water will get in it should hold up. One thing that did happen with ours is that the end of the room didn't happen to fall on a joist so we have about 6 inches along one end that isn't closed from below.