How to decorate an extremely windy wrap-around porch?

Terry McMullen
by Terry McMullen
We live in a vintage farmhouse. We love the wrap-around porch, but I'm at a loss how to decorate it. We have rockers (which the wind has broken) and a SOLID bench (that the wind blows against the railing). Would love to add vintage touches. Any ideas?
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  • Christa Francis Christa Francis on Jun 13, 2014
    Dang, I would be all for planting a windbreak with some fast growing trees or shrubs. Some nice vintage touches would be hanging some of those metal 3 dimensional stars that are so popular right now. Antique milk can weighted down with rocks in the bottom of it so it doesn't blow over. Or how about painting a faux rug on the deck?
    • Terry McMullen Terry McMullen on Jun 13, 2014
      @Christa Francis Thanks for the suggestions. We just happen to have a couple of milk cans available. I've thought about painting the rug on the deck, but unfortunately, my husband doesn't agree. Love the star idea!! Thanks. T
  • Carolinedavis Carolinedavis on Jun 13, 2014
    I live on a point on the lake and get wind from all four sides. I have a lamp on table and BOTH are screwed down. I weight down planters before planting in them. I have several old cast iron pieces (Old fire irons, decorative pieces,etc) that I use to weight down other tables and boxes that i use decoratively. When a storm is coming up I turn my rockers upside down or own their sides so they don't blow over and break. I have also exchanged a wooden bench for wicker. I weigh that down too when the wind picks up! I can still decorate the way I like- just have to think outside the box a little!!
    • Terry McMullen Terry McMullen on Jun 13, 2014
      @Carolinedavis We tried turning the rockers over also. But after a couple of years of the weather, one still broke. I have been seriously thinking of getting wicker. Our wind is so strong sometimes (40-50 mph) that it still blows over what we have weighted down! Thanks for the ideas! T
  • CDavGib CDavGib on Jun 14, 2014
    we planted abortive shrubs~ ours are about 2' apart for our wind screen needs. They grow relatively fast esp. if they are in full sun~ and depending on how much you want to block the wind is how close you plant them. They hold up very good in the snow as well during winter ~ the ones we have out front are prob. 16' tall and were only 3' tall in 2001 when we bought the place I think they are pretty much topped out height wise. They do not brake easily and are good in many dif. types of soil'
  • CDavGib CDavGib on Jun 14, 2014
    I bought a star and hung it on my fence~ the wind kept blowing it off~ its hallow underneath, so you would really have to add on a heavy weight to keep it from blowing away, I finally gave mine away I was so discouraged :( I wanted that star for the longest time too
  • Laura Laura on Oct 25, 2023

    I also am looking for solutions to this problem. Some that I have found to work are taking the glass out of my lanterns. This allows the wind blow through them instead of knocking them over and breaking them. I also use double-sided tape to stick them to tables another thing is tarp straps on my furniture cushions. they have lasted for several seasons without having to replace them rocker seem to work best on my porch, but they have to be rocking with the wind instead of against it so sometimes I have to move them

    Cast iron and concrete statues work great but are hard to find anything that looks really pretty and it is not just black or gray. Someone should invent a line of Highwind porch decorations. I cannot hang wreaths on the windows or the walls because the wind just blew them constantly and tears of paint or scratches the glass.