Paint solid epoxy paint to new garage floor construction

Mary L
by Mary L
I have a new home and want to apply the epoxy flooring to it before moving in, what is the wait time for new construction? The concrete flooring was poured in September and I'm ready to move in now but want to apply it before the move in. Thanks for any help and reccommendations you can provide.
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  • 3po3 3po3 on Jan 28, 2012
    I believe you only need to wait about 30 days from pouring concrete to adding epoxy, if that 's what you are asking, so you should be fine.
  • Yup, if the slab was poured in Sept then you are fine to do your epoxy now. A word of warning with the epoxy - only mix it in small batches, no more than you can get down in about 10 - 15 minutes. I was on a job where somebody mixed up an entire 5 gallon bucket of epoxy at a single time. About 20 minutes later 4 1/2 gallons of it was wasted. Then they let the epoxy just sit there in the bucket. 15 minutes after that the plastic bucket began melting from the heat produced by the epoxy as it cures.
  • Peace Painting Co., Inc. Peace Painting Co., Inc. on Jan 30, 2012
    Mary, DIY epoxy coatings are problematic. The prep has to be flawless or you will have an unfixable scenario. It can be done, but you will be beating the odds. Stain is still not easy but is a safer way to go. This picture was taken last Friday in anticipation of your question. Best, Charles
  • Clay B Clay B on Jan 30, 2012
    I had good luck with the Quikcrete brand 2 part epoxy kits. And YES, PREP is KEY, don't skimp on this. Allow Ample cure time after you apply the epoxy. Also, if you require 2 kits, get 3 just in case, and 1 extra bottle of the cleaner so you have it on hand. You can always return it later. Get goggles, one drop of the cleaner in your eye, will not be good, and chemical resisant gloves.
  • Clay B Clay B on Jan 30, 2012
    Also, I've seen more posts on this with professional responses, search them out on Hometalk. A good one about a month ago.
  • Encore Garage of NC Encore Garage of NC on Feb 02, 2012
    Mary, we recommend waiting 5-6 weeks before doing an epoxy coating so you should be okay now. I agree with previous poster about prep being KEY to a nice, long-lasting outcome. We have re-finished many floors that weren't prepped correctly by well meaning-folks or contractors. Our guys take a moisture meter to every estimate as well so be sure to request that if you have someone come out. Also, even though we are having almost summer weather in Feb here in Raleigh, you know how NC is and it can be 30 degrees a day later. Pay close attention to the temperature requirements if you DIY.
  • Charles, that pic looks like the floor I looked at in Sugarloaf this morning. Epoxy peeling off of a smooth floor. The root cause was that the DIY kits laugh at floors that were finished by the use of power trowel machines. The DIY kits provide limited adhesion elements via the use of acids, but when the floor is very smooth and feels almost glassy by touch, they need to be shot blasted to achieve the proper profile of 100Grit sandpaper. This is the optimum profile for epoxy coatings to bond. Not even diamond grinders are fully effective on these floors. Also, if used, these cleaners MUST be neutralized back to a PH of around 7. If not, you may have achieved the profile, but the coating will reject the floor and delaminate due to it being too acidic. Some folks swear by these kits,but in the end, they were lucky and most likely had softer, more porus concrete to start with. Mary, there are also kits not available in local stores, but is available on the net. It comes from I used these materials, but would double the amount they suggest. Its not cheap, but few materials that are durable and lasting come cheap... good luck with your project !